ISIS Attacks Iran: When Terrorists Attack Each Other [VIDEO]

ISIS Attacks Iran: When Terrorists Attack Each Other [VIDEO]

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

As bad as ISIS is, the fact that they attacked Iran is only fitting.

Iran represents terror. The theocracy has killed over 100,000 Iranians who merely want freedom. Moreover, Iran exports terror around the world.

Though no civilized nation celebrates when terrorists attack a country, the irony of the attack on Iran won’t go overlooked.

ISIS has attacked almost 50 countries worldwide, a direct result of the efforts of Iran and other rogue nations who suppress their people. Over 65 million refugees roam the world because of brutal regimes like that of Iran.

Later this month, I meet with the Iranian Resistance in Paris to discuss Iran. I’m excited to join in their struggle that I continue America’s original Tea Party, as well as the revival of that freedom movement, the Tea Party Community.

The Iranian Resistance issued a press release after the ISIS attack on Iran. Below is the message in its entirety.

ISIS attack on its godfather in Tehran at Khomeini’s tomb and mullahs’ parliament

Cause for Khamenei’s joy at escape from impasse, regional and international isolation

Shedding blood of innocent people under any pretext must  be condemned;

 ISIS practices clearly benefit clerical regime

Following the initiative launching a broad international coalition of Arab and Islamic countries and the United States against the clerical regime’s warmongering and terrorism, ISIS carried out unexpected attacks in Tehran against its own godfather, at Khomeini’s tomb and the regime’s parliament. It is noteworthy that ISIS has never acted against the regime in past years.

The Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani claimed that “the incident was not unexpected” and Khamenei downplayed “these firework displays” as insignificant and ineffective.

The terrorist rivalry between the claimants of a Sunni Caliphate and the so-called Shiite Caliphate dubbed the velayat-e faqih in Iran, even if not tailor-made or staged, is the source of jubilation and elation for mullahs’ Caliph Khamenei.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, condemned the shedding of innocent people’s blood under any pretext. “ISIS’s conduct clearly benefits the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, who wholeheartedly welcomes it as an opportunity to overcome his regime’s regional and international impasse and isolation. The founder and the number one state sponsor of terror is thus trying the switch the place of murderer and the victim and portray the central banker of terrorism as a victim,” Mrs. Rajavi added.

The NCRI’s President-elect recalled: “The Iranian Resistance has always maintained that the Iranian people and Resistance have the responsibility to overthrow the religious, dictatorship ruling Iran and to dismantle all institutions and symbols of suppression and repression. We, therefore, call for an end to the policy of appeasing the mullahs’ regime and recognizing the just resistance of the Iranian people.”

To uproot terrorism in the region:

  • The IRGC must be designated as a terrorist entity.
  • The IRGC and paramilitary proxies of the Khamenei caliphate must be removed from Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.
  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation must expel the mullahs’ regime and recognize the Iranian Resistance for ending religious fascism.


After 38 years of brutal suppression, executions and incarceration, the people of Iran will not be satisfied by anything less than freedom, democracy, and popular sovereignty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

June 7, 2017





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