Irony: Muslims DEMAND Safe Spaces [VIDEO]

Irony: Muslims DEMAND Safe Spaces [VIDEO]

The irony of the most violent people on the planet asking for safe spaces isn’t lost on me.

Muslim crimes against humanity have skyrocketed over the last two decades. They aren’t even secretive about it, given how easily the Left has made the takeover for them.

So, if anybody needs safe spaces, it’s the so-called “infidel.” We used to have safe spaces, and they were called civilized countries. However we allowed leftists to take over, and there are few safe spaces left in the world.

Muslims migrate by the millions, over 65 million in fact. So, these people leave their Third World armpits and migrate to Western countries. When they arrive they refuse to assimilate. And in fact, they want to change the culture of their new lands to the deathtraps they just left.

The irony: Leftists all over the world are all too willing to accommodate them.

Tucker Carlson interviewed one such leftist.

American Muslim Blair Imani, Executive Director of Equality for HER, defended the need for protective spaces.

“I’m talking about safe spaces being somewhere where you can be who you are without fear of being surveilled, having violence committed against you or being harassed,” Imani told the Fox News host. “And I think it’s a good idea to have everywhere.”

Carlson interrupted for clarification. His curiosity centered around why Imani thought Muslims were the target of surveillance by law enforcement agencies.

She correctly responded, “counter-terrorism efforts.”

Carlson asked, “Why would there be counter-terrorism efforts aimed at Muslims?”

“Come on, Tucker. You’re a smart guy. You know why that is,” Imani countered.

Carlson responded, “I’m a man who asks questions and I’m asking a question about the statement you just made.”

Carlson added that there are no counter-terrorism efforts against other religious groups like the Amish and Hasidic Jews, as these isolated religious groups don’t commit acts of terror.

“It’s not like some mass fantasy that law enforcement is acting out of,” he said. “This is a real thing, And I don’t understand why groups like yours won’t acknowledge the reality of that because it is there, it’s true.”

Imani essentially ignored Carlson.

She continued the Muslim narrative on the unfair targeting of Muslims.

Next, she suggested that violence is not “exclusive” to the Muslim community, and blamed “rise of white supremacists and ‘alt-right’ violence” for the non-issues of the Muslim. These groups were the reason for the Muslims’ need for safe spaces, according to Imani.

As I explained in my second book, Muslims have learned the way of leftism. They apply the spin just as eloquently.

The previous administration helped promote this nonsense, however Carlson was having none of it.

“Oh, spare me. That’s too dumb,” Carlson said.

The conversation took a bizarre turn, when Carlson made a comment, and then asked a very simple question.

“Primarily you’re an American. Aren’t we all, first and foremost, Americans?” he asked.

“I’m black first,” Imani replied.

“End of conversation,” Carlson said.

And the Left wonder why Trump won?

They abandoned America decades ago, and now manufacture America-hating “citizens.” Then, these people have no interest in preserving and promoting American values.

Thankfully, their tenure ended when Obama left, and Trump took the helm.



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