James Comey: Democrats’ SIDESHOW FREAK Who Should be Imprisoned

James Comey: Democrats’ SIDESHOW FREAK Who Should be Imprisoned

Did you get to see former FBI Director James Comey’s circus act?

George Rasley wrote,

James Comey, the towering six-foot-eight-inch figure who fancied himself as Washington’s last honest man, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday, and the longer he talked the smaller he became.

His testimony, which was supposed to bring down a President, revealed instead a smallminded bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur who was loyal neither to the President at whose pleasure he served nor to the Constitution he once swore to uphold.

As I predicted, Comey did nothing to hurt President Trump; but the Democrats have some explaining to do. Particularly, Loretta Lynch. More on her in a bit.

You could drive a tank through the holes in Comey’s testimony.

Beginning with Senator Rubio’s question surrounding how with all the leaks that occurred, miraculously none of them involved the truth that Donald Trump wasn’t under investigation.

And how about the “I’m really a pansy!” act?

Asked why Comey didn’t stand up to the president or report his supposed bullying, and Comey replied, [pp] “Because I’m a weak-kneed sissy!”

That’s who the Democrats put in charge of the FBI; the prison punk. And boy did they pass him around for a few smokes.

Grassley continues,

Perhaps the moment that most completely summed-up James Comey’s disgraceful tenure as Director of the FBI was this exchange with Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida:

RUBIO: At the time did you say anything to the president about that [the Flynn investigation], that’s not an appropriate request or tell the White House counsel that is not an appropriate request, someone needs to tell the president that he can’t do these things?

COMEY: I didn’t, no.

RUBIO: Okay. Why?

COMEY: I don’t know. I think the circumstances were such that I was a bit stunned and didn’t have the presence of mind. I don’t want to make it sound like I’m Captain Courageous…don’t know if I had had the presence of mind I would have said to the president, ‘Sir. that’s wrong.’ I don’t know if I would have in the moment, it didn’t come to my mind. What came to my mind was, be careful what you say. And I said, “I agree Flynn is a good guy.”

A supposedly tough-guy G-man who did nothing when he felt the President was out of line, because he “lacked the presence of mind” to speak-up and tell the President his request for information about an on-going investigation was inappropriate?

I find it interesting the level of ESP Comey possessed when inferring what President Trump meant surrounding Mike Flynn. However, when Loretta Lynch asked him to call a formal FBI investigation a “matter,” he wasn’t quite sure what she meant.

Yet, he did exactly as he was instructed.

Moreover, he commented that he knew the word choice matched closely what the Clinton campaign attempted to label the investigation. Yet, Comey saw no need to call for a special counsel.

Keep in mind the added backdrop of the surreptitious meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac.

With overwhelming evidence of collusion between the Department of Justice and the Clinton campaign, Comey saw no need to request a special counsel.

Upon questioning this lack of action, Comey commented that no special counsel was requested by him due to the time it might take to resolve the issue.

Since when is that a consideration? Moreover, as one senator pointed out, couldn’t the special counsel dismiss the case?

But with absolutely NO evidence that tied Donald Trump to Russia, Comey moved forward. This even after President Trump himself said essentially that he would like to know if the investigation impacted his “satellites.”

But Comey read into it what he wanted. And as one of my friends wrote to me of Comey’s comments about the motives of Donald Trump:

“I took it as a direction.” Comey declares in regards to Trump saying, “I hope…”

“I sensed that he knew something was up…” Comey says this in regards to Jeff Sessions’ thinking when Trump asked for the face to face time.

In those cases in which Comey is speaking he exhibits the extrordinary gift of unimpeachable ESP.

The proof of that power of ESP is his certifying that Hillary Clinton was inept but without intent when she broke the law. Specifically empowering him to clear Hillary Clinton of a crime that specifically does not require intent.

Regarding “hope,” Comey received a successful grilling on this concept.

One of the Senators asked Comey if anybody had ever been indicted on “hope.”

Comey replied something to the effect, “Not that I’m aware of.”

Trump’s lawyer pretty much lowered the boom on Comey.

He pointed out the many fallacies in his testimony, much of which was speculation at best, and character assassination at worst.

Who holds the bag? Loretta Lynch.

Even leftists weren’t aware of Lynch’s cover-up efforts, and you can bet that DC leftists are scrambling.

Comey’s testimony sheds light on the tarmac meeting. Further, we now know that discussing grandchildren was not an agenda item, as Lynch and Clinton claimed.

President Trump finally chimed in on Comey’s performance.

Comey is more than a leaker.

He’s a conniving leftist shill, whom many in DC warned the president against.

In that hearing, Comey showcased conduct unbecoming even low-level FBI personnel. Leftists are ashamed of him, even if they won’t say it publicly.




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