John Kerry Costs Democrats the Black Vote with This Remark [Video]

John Kerry Costs Democrats the Black Vote with This Remark [Video]

In discussing the Paris climate farce, John Kerry decided to get cute.

Appearing on ‘Meet the Press,’ former Secretary of State John Kerry ridiculed President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, or more specifically the president’s promise to negotiate a better climate deal.

Before I tell you what Kerry said, it should be noted that a 3-year-old could get America a better deal than Obama.

The idea that Kerry would ridicule the man who wrote The Art of the Deal, particularly on the heels of likely the most successful trip abroad by a president in decades, is laughable. But leave it to leftists to tell you their frailties as they ridicule what they say are yours.

Kerry uttered this nonsense while speaking with NBC host Chuck Todd. Kerry commented that Trump was playing to his base by pulling out of the accord. He added, the “anger and frustration” of many Americans was being exploited with a “phony economic argument.”

But here’s where Kerry might have pissed off more than a handful of black people.

Kerry quipped that Trump saying he could negotiate a better climate deal is “like OJ Simpson saying he’s gonna go out and find the real killer.”


Politicians may well want to avoid pop culture references. OJ remains a sensitive subject for blacks, particularly leftist blacks. Guilty or not, OJ represents blacks getting back at the man, and here’s Kerry poking fun at OJ.

Kerry then added,

“Everybody knows he isn’t going to do that because he doesn’t believe in it,” Kerry continued. “If he did believe in it, he wouldn’t have pulled out of Paris. America has unilaterally ceded global leadership on this issue, which for years, even Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush pushed in this direction.”

Kerry is right. Trump doesn’t believe in this money-grab. Thankfully, America has a sane president who won’t bind taxpayers to ridiculous and equally meaningless agreements.


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