Jon Ossoff: Anthony Weiner Reprise and Symbol of Democrats’ BIG Problem [VIDEO]

Jon Ossoff: Anthony Weiner Reprise and Symbol of Democrats’ BIG Problem [VIDEO]

Democrats need a shot in the arm.

The people who call themselves “progressives” have no progress to show.

So they search far and wide, and will pin their hopes on the strangest of things or people.

Take Anthony Weiner for example. At one point not that long ago, Weiner was considered a “rising star” in the Democratic Party. Democrats placed him front and center in the media, and he was quickly becoming a household name.

And then we got to know the real Weiner.

Jon Ossoff reminds me of Weiner. See for yourself.

He’s young and dumb. But, leftists say he has charisma. Frankly, I haven’t detected it when I’ve heard him speak, or certainly in his looks.

So why Ossoff?

Ossoff admitted he wasn’t a voter in the district he sought to represent.

Residency is not a Constitutional requirement, but it is a good thing. After all, it’s generally good to be part of the community you represent. That is unless you represent “the big picture” of leftism.

In a move that showcased his wishful thinking, Ossoff said he would move into the district after he is sworn in.

Looks like he can now go home, wherever that is. One could say that Georgia voters sent a message to Hollywood and the Left: money won’t buy these Southerners. Note that Californians sent nine times more money to Ossoff’s campaign than Democrats in Georgia.

Democrats are so desperate for candidates they put a metrosexual starry-eyed pansy in the gladiator ring, and Karen Handel destroyed him. Nevertheless, here is how CNN described Ossoff:

Democrats, desperate to hand President Donald Trump a setback, have their hopes riding on a 30-year-old political neophyte.

Jon Ossoff has never held office before.

But he defied expectations when he catapulted from obscurity to nearly winning the House race in April, while running in a longtime conservative stronghold in Georgia.

Ossoff claim to fame is he was a Congressional aide to Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson, the man who thought Guam might tip over.

Lucky for the Democrats Ossoff lost.

Ossoff was destined for the junk heap of history. It was only a matter of time before the Democrats’ plan for Ossoff backfired.

If not some “sexting” scandal on Twitter, it would have been something else.

Salon reported on how Ossoff got noticed by the Democrats

Initially, officials with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee were reluctant to sink money into the special election. Their interest changed, however, when the liberal blog community Daily Kos helped Ossoff’s campaign raise $400,000 in a single week. According to campaign filings, Ossoff raised more than $23 million, much higher than Handel’s $4.5 million.

The Democrats don’t spend that much time and money on a weak-kneed former Democrat staffer, unless he’s controllable.

Then there is the search for youth.

As Salon noted,

Picking someone younger as the next potential Democratic speaker would also likely be politically helpful. Paradoxically enough, while Democratic voters are significantly younger than Republican voters, the GOP unquestionably has younger congressional leadership. At the moment, the average age of the Democratic House leadership team is 72 years old. By contrast, the GOP’s House leaders have an average age of 49.

The Republicans have a responsible bullpen. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz trained in the gladiator pit in 2016. Mia Love waits her turn, and there are many others.

Democrats hold on to power, as the replacement of 77-year old Harry Reid with 66-year old Chuck Schumer suggests. But their desperation shows, as they attempt to promote rank amateurs to lofty positions.

Leftism finds itself in a real quandary. They have nobody on deck or even in the dugout. One would think that Barack Obama would have ushered in a litany of new leaders, but he didn’t. Now that Obama has been exposed to the Left as a failure, Democrats find themselves desperately seeking new faces.

But new faces won’t help a twisted ideology.





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