Karma Gets TRUMP-BASHING NBC Chief White House Reporter [VIDEO]

Karma Gets TRUMP-BASHING NBC Chief White House Reporter [VIDEO]

Do you know Hallie Jackson?

She’s an obnoxious anti-Trump NBC reporter, though I realize I’m being redundant.

What lamestream report would admit to being pro-Trump, when anti-Trump sentiment is a condition of employment?

Here is what the Hollywood Reporter said of Jackson’s promotion to White House Correspondent for NBC:

“For a journalist, there is no other story in the world you’d want to be covering,” says Hallie Jackson. “It’s the biggest story in the world right now.” NBC’s White House correspondent, Jackson, 32, came up in local news before getting a job at NBC in 2014, where she covered the presidential campaign of Ted Cruz, a brief frontrunner in the GOP primary. Her work on the trail — along with fellow road warriors Katy Tur, Kristen Welker and Kasie Hunt — caught the attention of NBC News executives, who in January promoted her to the White House and also gave her the 10 a.m. hour on MSNBC. She routinely works a 19-hour day, which often includes buttonholing White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in the briefing room. But she’s not complaining.

Caught the attention of NBC News executives?

Sort of like young ingenues were said to have caught the attention of Roger Ailes?

Considering how badly NBC and all the other networks missed calling the election, one would think Jackson would have been demoted.

Regardless, Jackson represents her fake news peers well. She attempts “gotcha politics” with then-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on policy issues. And from this vantage point, Jackson never seems pleased with decisions of the president.

As they say, “Karma is a mofo.” And in this short video Jackson gets a dose of karma.


The video snippet showcases Hallie Jackson’s attempt to mock Republicans for their efforts to keep the Congressional seat of former U.S. Representative Tom Price.

Recall that Price’s seat was vacated once he accepted a role in the Trump administration as the Director of Health and Human Services.

Jackson hyped up the race, implying that Republicans were in trouble. Her employers were happy to play along.

The Democrats ran John Ossoff, a former staffer for Hank “Guam tipping over” Johnson. In the race, the Democrats burned $31 million in order to overturn an election. And since Price’s seat had been Republican for decades, there was little chance of a switch.

But that didn’t stop Jackson from hyping the story, and the Left for being willing buyers.

Back to the video.

What’s interesting in this video is how Jackson ignores the snot stalactite forming in her right nostril. Eventually, gravity won, and the snot dripped from her nose. 

What a great metaphor for the Left.

There are two possibilities for what happened. First, Perhaps Jackson pretended not to notice the snot. Leftists are great at playing, “If I pretend it didn’t happen, then so be it.”

Or the second possibility, she actually didn’t realize it was there.

Either way, Jackson didn’t look good.


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