Latest Starbucks Lie Transcends Party Lines

Latest Lie From Starbucks Transcends Party Lines

Starbucks spent more than $100 million to hide the truth from consumers.

Now, it will take more than a Unicorn Frappuccino to recover.

Liberals finally see what conservatives knew all along. Starbucks is a disgrace to America. Earlier this year, the coffee giant faced criticisms after tweeting a pledge to hire 10,000 refugees.CEO Howard Schultz took a stance in defiance of Trump’s immigration executive order. Meanwhile, homeless Veterans were ignored. However, Starbucks was repaid with huge losses in company value. Apparently conservatives will forego designer coffees when backing the POTUS.

The Hillary-supporting coffee makers learned the value of a Trump endorsement the hard way. When Starbucks dropped “Merry Christmas”, Trump suggested a boycott. In less than 12 hours, stock dropped 11%. Afterwards, a downward spiral continued.

latest lie from Starbucks #KevinjacksonAs revenue flew out the window, Starbucks cooked up a scheme to win back customers. Thus, the Unicorn Frappuccino challenge raged on social media. Before long, Starbucks was at the center of a lawsuit alleging they stole the unicorn from a competitor.

Leftists continued to back the crooked company, bonding over a common hate for Trump.

In fact, customers often face bullying just for backing the President.

As we recently reported:

Case in point, a woman was mocked for wearing a Trump shirt when she visited a local Starbucks.

Kayla Hart walked in to Starbucks on East Boulevard in Dilworth on Wednesday morning to get her usual cup of coffee. However, Kayla was not greeted with the normal smile and courteous, “How may I serve you?”

Instead, according to Kayla the cashier laughed and her order was labeled with a political message, mocking her support for the president.

“They shouted out ‘build a wall’ and shoved a drink at me; and then all the baristas in the back started cracking up laughing,” said Hart.

“I don’t know what politics has to do with getting a cup of coffee,” Kayla Hart said.

But it looks like change is right around the corner.

This time, the liberal baristas pissed off the right and the left simultaneously.

As Joe Miller tells it:

It may not come as a surprise to you that a morning coffee from Starbucks is the last thing that you should be drinking to put a pep in your step. It has been discovered that the coffee conglomerate has spent nearly $100 million to cover up their use of GMOs in their drinks.

‘In the past two years alone, Starbucks has been a part of a GMA-led coalition that has donated more than $70 million dollars to defeat GMO labeling efforts in California and Washington State,’ said a spokesperson for Food Democracy Now. ‘By opposing GMO labeling, Starbucks has willingly climbed in bed with Monsanto and the GMA and is intentionally misleading customers about their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.’

Starbucks parades around pretending to be an ethical corporation. But now their faulty social stances pale in comparison to the blatant lies.

Consumers have the right to know what they’re consuming.

Let’s face it. People like what they like. Big Mac’s have 33 grams of fat. That’s an entire day’s worth of fat, but people still consume 550 million Big Mac’s a year. The difference? McDonald’s isn’t pretending the Big Mac belongs on the light and fit menu.

Starbucks’ partnership with GMA

Starbucks is part of a collection of 300 of the world’s largest food companies called Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). GMA’s role is to lobby governments in order to prevent ethical legislation being passed that might cut into their member’s profit margin.

The bottom line is clear. Starbucks spends millions to protect their lies. Lobbyists are blocking legislation to keep us from knowing what’s in our frappaccino. Conservatives aren’t the only ones committed to healthy living. Therefore, it’s time to stop doing business with companies who fake a conscience.

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