LeBron ‘King’ James: Big Black Whiny Obama Baby [VIDEO]

LeBron ‘King’ James: Big Black Whiny Obama Baby [VIDEO]

You may have heard that LeBron James’ gate was spray-painted the other day.

Let’s call this JamesGate. And the vandalism poses a real “whodunit.”

It was reported that graffiti on a gate outside LeBron James’ LA home included an “N-word” reference. How will LeBron cope?

Luckily, classes at colleges and universities are over, lest the black students need to get counseling.

However, rumor has it that historically black colleges and universities will likely cancel classes next semester to allow black students and faculty to deal with the trauma associated with this vicious attack.

I’m not one to jump the gun, but I suggest some sculptor start the bronze of LeBron. Because LeBron will need recognition for how he’s holding up in this time of crisis. We want LeBronze!

In this video of LeBron, we can see the pain and anguish LeBron suffers, as he explains the difficulty he faces being black in America.

DAMN IT! If only Obama were president!

He would know what to do! Obama would call a press conference, then send the Feds to James’ neighborhood to shakedown James’ neighbors.

“Fess up, White MAN!”

Instead, in a time of catastrophe in the black community, we have Donald Trump as president.

Hopefully President Trump will get an adviser, say Al Sharpton to help the president make the right move here. Considering the delicacy of this matter, one false move and black neighborhoods could go up in flames.

It is said that LAPD is investigating the graffiti. Given the gravity of the situation, one would think that LAPD would have the good sense to send black officers, particularly black detectives.

If none exists, this would be an excellent time to promote a black man, as LeBron would undoubtedly feel more comfortable dealing with black police officers. Not to mention, the Cavaliers do not want to run the risk of LeBron getting shot during the playoffs.

The lawlessness that would allow such a heinous criminal to affront “King James” should have everyone in LA on alert. The streets are not safe, period.

Video camera footage is being looked at.

Preliminary findings of the culprit appears to be an 80+ year-old white man. Security camera footage captured a chauffeur-driven Bentley with a car license plate that read, “Gldn St.”

In the footage, you can clearly see an old white man wearing a Golden State jersey holding an object in his hand. The man then moves into a blind spot only to emerge moments later with a watermelon and fried chicken, and what looks like an autograph poster of LeBron James.

Police are said to be looking into the whereabouts of Donald Sterling. Sterling’s family lawyer offered no comment.

Paula Deen was also questioned, but later released. LAPD spokesperson commented that Deen is no longer a suspect.

Leftists more than hinted to police to check out Don Imus, as tensions seemed to rise at police headquarters. However, cooler heads prevailed when leftists were reminded that Imus is dead.

Regardless of the culprit to this most heinous crime, I think I speak for all of America, when I say we pray for the James family.

I don’t want to fathom what they must be going through. Let’s be mindful that LeBron’s gate was PAINTED! WITH THE N-WORD!

Some Mexican will have to repaint that gate!


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