Leftist Colleges Training up New Generation of “Social Justice Warriors”

Leftist Colleges Training up New Generation of “Social Justice Warriors”

Leftists love words like “equality” and “social justice.” They use these words to sell their agenda. Their trained stooges are all too willing to buy in.

It’s no secret that the majority of our colleges today are left-leaning. They infect the minds of our youth to the point that Millennials are caricatures of themselves.

This generation of young people are clueless. Moreover, they have relinquished their ability to critically think. The only thing these youngsters are good for is protest.

Before colleges relied on leftism through subtle indoctrination. Now that leftism has a foothold, leftists feel safe to come into the light.

A new report has found more than 100 colleges are now offering undergraduate and/or graduate students the option of obtaining a degree majoring or minoring in “social justice.”

For instance, Rutgers University, a public college in New Jersey, offers its students a minor in social justice. To complete the program, students must take a variety of leftist courses, like “Practicing Social Justice.” The class requires students to participate in left-wing causes.

A class description from Eastern Kentucky University reads:

“We focus on social issues where human dignity, equality, and solidarity are at stake: economic inequality and poverty; institutional racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism; corporate and state power; colonialism and imperialism; war and state violence; environmental harm; consumerism and commodification; corporate media influence; and struggles over space, place, and territory.”

The school produced a video that insults blacks, though leftist blacks certainly won’t see it this way.


The music bed for this video reminds the listener of the soundtrack to a 1960s “blaxploitation” film. Superfly or Cleopatra Jones comes to mind, and all with the idea of enticing young blacks to waste their Affirmative Action “miseducation” fund on nonsense degrees. Social justice degrees equate to basket-weaving, because that’s all they will be good for.

While watching the video, one can’t help but notice the pictures of Martin Luther King Jr. and other black civil rights icons of history. These images remind young blacks of the struggle of blacks for basic human rights. Fighting for civil rights was noble and necessary.

Martin Luther King sought change without violence. King advocated for equality of opportunity, not outcome.

The Reverend would see no need for social justice degrees in the America he peacefully fought to create. He would see them for what they are: a ruse of leftists to fund their money-pit of higher “miseducation.”

What exactly will these degrees in social justice create?

More Deray McKessons? Or perhaps more fake black people like Shaun King or Rachel Dolezal?

Exactly where will these degrees be used in the real world? Hire a social justice warrior, and you’ve introduced cancer into your organization. These people are taught to see racism in a bowl of rice.

While colleges and universities should encourage young blacks into STEM classes, they instead rely on the dog-whistle of racism to fuel their finances. STEM may pay the bills, but social justice puts budgets on steroids.

How many social justice warriors does America need? Perhaps the better question is, “When will colleges and universities teach minorities empowerment?”

Is there a class that teaches students about the greatness of America? America is a country that overcame slavery, misogyny, and a host of other ills. She righted the ship in the smallest amount of time in history.

All over the world citizens experience racism, sexism, even slavery. Their societies are wrought with corruption and violence, and governments are subject to change at the end of a gun barrel. But not America.

Yet, leftists appreciate nothing this country offers. But you can bet not a single one of them would dare leave. They brag of Europe’s model(s), touting the French for this and the Brits for that. Those countries are hardly recognizable.

The only beacon on the hill remains America. And it’s not because of leftism. It’s not because of today’s social justice warriors. It’s because of the leaders of the past recognizing the good in America. Those leaders appealed to Americans’ better nature, and the country responded. We didn’t need communists in Wackademia to teach us how to be human.

America beckons those who wish to embrace her, not change her.


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