Leftist Congressman Says Democrats’ Brand is ‘TOXIC’ [VIDEO]

Leftist Congressman Says Democrats’ Brand is ‘TOXIC’ [VIDEO]

Finally a congressman willing to admit what we already know.

Democrats are toxic!

In the past Democrats have made a brand out of being the minority party helping the forgotten men, women, and the poor. But when elected leaders start to chase fame, fortune, and political status over the needs of the people, that party will eventually implode.

Leftist Congressmen Tim Ryan is willing to admit the Democrats’ brand is bad for the American people.

“The brand is just bad,” the Congressman said on CNN Wednesday night. “I don’t think people in the beltway are realizing just how toxic the Democratic Party brand is in so many parts of the country.”

And it’s swamp rats like Nancy Pelosi that perpetuate the Democrats’ “bad brand.”

“She’s less popular than Donald Trump in my district,” Ryan told CNN’s Don Lemon.

Ryan said Democrats need to get “our act together” and stop focusing entirely on Russia because people are more concerned about the “real bread and butter” issues.

Ryan is right and in fact there was a recent poll done by Morning Consult that revealed despite the Left’s best efforts only 29% of people legitimately thinks Russia influenced our election.

The rest of Americans care about REAL change. Change that is going to get our country back in shape.

The biggest problem for Democrats? Trump exposed them as frauds.

Under Obama we had 8 long years of Democratic leadership that has left our country in the worst possible shape we have seen.

It is hard to believe, but an astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year. Yet, from 2009 through 2013, the U.S. government spent a whopping 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs.

We have had the lowest home ownership rate since the ’50s and the lowest participation rate in the labor force in decades.

This means more people are out of work, living on government assistance, and struggling to make ends meat.

And it’s even worse for the black community.

An astounding 45 percent of all African-American children in the United States live in areas of “concentrated poverty.” The concentrated poverty is matched only by their concentrated ignorance. Not an accident.

During the Era of Obama, the filthy rich leftists feasted on the backs of the middle class. They used the poor for devious reasons, and the world finds itself in turmoil.

Thus, not only was America ready to rid itself of the scourge of Obama and those who support him, but the world is as well. The world needs a stable, sane America.

In case you’ve missed it, Americans are abandoning the Democratic Party. Level-headed moderate Democrats depart in droves. However the bigger issue is Democrats are losing their “bread and butter”–the black vote.

Black people and other minorities have sickened of being approached during election time, only to be forgotten once Democrats take office.

We’ve predicted publicly that Democrats will lose more seats in the House in 2018. Democrats in the Senate will be skewered, and Republicans will likely gain 5-6 seats.

The Democrats torpedoed their brand. You don’t need Madison Avenue to tell you that the Democratic brand is indeed “toxic.”

The time of touchy-feely leftist nonsense has come to a glorious end. No more will people fall for the snake oil sales the Democrats peddle during election cycles. Trump and WikiLeaks exposed the ugly underbelly of leftism; Democrats squirm.

People now trust their realities.

And President Trump’s policies give them more than hope.

Trump gives them the realities of good-paying jobs, businesses, and so on. Democrats will find it difficult to deal with results like these. And that’s why they have launched Resistance Summer.

Trump’s success portends doom for Democrats. The same was true if Obama succeeded. The only difference is Obama had no chance of success.

Trump on the other hand exudes success.

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