Leftist Gone Wild: Meet Dolezal on STEROIDS [VIDEO]

Leftist Gone Wild: Meet Dolezal on STEROIDS [VIDEO]

Leftists have opened up a real can of worms.

They now allow white people to be black.

Rachel Dolezal proves only to be the beginning, as fake black people spring up all over the world. And sadly, as with all things white Democrats do, they edge out black people.

In other words, Dolezal made out like a black bandit. Look at white boy, Shaun King. He too fakes blackness and is bankin’ like Al Franken.

Because of leftists, white people can now be black. And as I warned in my book Race Pimping, when white folks figure out how to get that “black oppression” money, game over.

Here is another such story. Meet Martina Adam.

As Yahoo reported:

Evidently, the transracial desperation—truly a puzzling mindset in and of itself—is real out in these streets. Shout out to Rachel Dolezal for setting the precedent for people to swap out the privilege their birth skin affords them and slip into minority races like a shiny new outfit. Perhaps now would be good a time as any to connect with her sister in trans-race, Martina Adam, a German woman and “aspiring model” who has been turning heads all the way across the pond.

One would think the breasts enough would be the attention-getters.

But this alabaster babe decided to go all anti-Michael Jackson on her audience.

The article continues,

For a while, Adam’s larger than life breast enhancements  were the conversation starters, but now it is her deep coffee skin, the best chemically enhanced skin money could buy. “This medical treatment increased my body’s melatonin production,” she wrote on her Facebook page, where she goes by “Martina Big.” “I love my new ebony look very much. Therefore, I’m currently testing various things to emphasize my exotic look.”

For the record, black is not exotic. It’s just black.

There may have been a time when wanting to be black was exotic. However, these days it’s just a way to make a quick buck!

Perhaps that’s what Martina Adam wants?

What started off as an intense tanning project earlier in the year has become a full claim of a (fetishized) new identity. “My transformation to a black woman continues,” wrote in May. “I already bought me beautiful, long black natural hair, with afro curls. Soon I let my blond hair colour change into black and get African curls in my hair. Then comes the hair extensions with African natural hair. After that I have an appointment with my surgeon.”

What Dolezal did pales in comparison. {snicker}

And it’s not over for Adam.

Apparently she has encountered so many travel issues “as a black woman” she decided to get a new passport to reflect her new life.

“I’m a black girl with black hair, so I have to change very soon my passport,” she says in the video, from her hotel room in Romania.

Imagine the ramifications of whites now claiming to be black.

Actually, more people than you think “pass” for black who are not.

I guess it’s only fair, since many blacks claimed to be white in the past.


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