Liberal Media Titan Says Republicans Asked for It

Liberal Media Man Says Republicans Asked for It

Markos Moulitsas is the founder of VOX Media and the leftist site KOS.

Moulitsas proudly leads a violent political faction. Thus, he celebrates as Republicans are gunned down.

The shooting that took place at an early morning baseball practice injured several Republicans, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. The gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, is not to blame. At least not according to Moulitsas.

As the Daily Caller Reports:

“Republicans are getting what they want,” Markos Moulitsas wrote on Twitter, linking to a tweet from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul that quoted Fox News personality Judge Napolitano as saying, “Why do we have a Second Amendment? It’s not to shoot deer. It’s to shoot at the government when it becomes tyrannical!”

Moulitsas’ left wing views oppose gun ownership. Almost one year ago, he wrote an article claiming people could arm themselves against bears using their teeth and fingernails, along with Bible verses.

Moulitsas wrote:

Pro-control organizations are always careful to say “we support the rights of hunters”.  NOPE! I’VE always supported the right to ARM BEARS! If you feel driven to kill innocent animals, use the weapons you were born with – your teeth and fingernails (oh, and your “superior” mind,  and the biblical verses giving you dominion over all other animals)…

I do NOT believe police should have war weaponry, either!

This Obama-loving leftist showcases the liberal fallacy.

We shouldn’t even talk about gun control with morons. However, man has a need to protect himself. Therefore, gun rights can’t be forfeited.

The Black Sphere weighs in:

A Rasmussen national poll reveals that a mere 22 percent of likely voters say they would feel safer if they lived in a community in which no one is allowed to own a gun. 68 percent of respondents say they would feel safer in a neighborhood where gun ownership by residents is allowed. 10 percent don’t know what a gun is, apparently.

The fact is, an overwhelming majority of Americans understand why we have WEAPONS. If the next weapon is a remote control that can vaporize a person, the “gun” would become obsolete, and politicians would be trying to confiscate remote controls.

Back to the Idiot:

Moulitsas said, “In fact, I don’t much think that COUNTRIES should have military weapons! Our history of using them is disgusting, brutal, and inhumane! The last war I thought was possibly grounded in morality was the US Civil War!

I think the Assault Weapons ban didn’t go far enough! I WISH Obama would  “come for your guns”!

And, oh, by the way, Establishment Democrats – trying to get a bill, written by a DINO (the Senator from my state) who never met a war or military incursion she didn’t like, that would extend the unconstitutional Patriot Act to cover another McCarthy-era secret list for denying guns —  is despicable! JUST BAN the damn things! Or at least surround them with safeguards:

  • require proof of training (like a driver’s license),
  • proof of safe (locked and inaccessible) storage,
  • insurance requirements (make gun-lovers pay for insurance, not people who want to see a doctor),
  • eliminate the term accident when someone dies by gun,
  • hold the kill-toy owner responsible for negligent homicide!
  • Oh, and if a gun is stolen hold the negligent owner responsible for everything that is done with it! (You know, like the laws that hold pool owners liable for having an attractive nuisance!)
  • And, let us sue the people who manufacture the death weapons – you know, product liability, like we have for LAWNMOWERS!”

Where do we begin to tear down this line of reasoning?

Since the last war grounded in morality was the Civil War, killing Nazis in WWII was not an act to defend morality. Thus, history is once again distorted by leftists.

Further, this guy wants Obama to come get our guns. But when ISIS knocks on his door, I bet Moulitsas will go looking for the closest gun-owning redneck neighbor he can find.

In a world where some governments are urging their citizens to take up arms, Moulitsas would rather take his chances bare-handed. However, the leader of the Czech Republic believes it’s time to prepare for a super-holocaust carried out by Muslim terrorists. Still, Moulitsas insists he hates guns.

I have no sympathy for the people who need to stroke some phallic symbol (go buy a Jaguar and polish it lovingly)!  If we must, for some incomprehensible reason, allow them – make it so expensive and fraught with danger that the idiots who insist on having them are forced to make a clear decision that having a death-dealing weapon is important to them!

Of course, Moulitsas doesn’t want to admit that a gun stopped this morning’s attack. Yet, if police were running around with night sticks, gunfire would continue to ring out from the assailant.

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