Message to Leftists: You Violent Punks OWN this Shooting

Message to Leftists: You Violent Punks OWN this Shooting

Leftists are violent people, and their actions prove it.

Whether Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or just good old-fashioned “Berkeley” campus violence, the Left maks it clear they are willing to hurt or kill for their sick ideology.

Add to this constant biased news daily promoting an anti-Trump propaganda, with calls for protests and anarchy, and this shooting was inevitable.

All this led a 66-year-old man named James T. Hodgkinson to commit a heinous act. After confirming the baseball practice he witnessed was the Republicans, this leftist Bernie Sanders supporter then shot up the GOP congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

Before I continue, I’d like to know how many Democrat events have been terrorized by the so-called “alt-Right?” How many Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rallies were disrupted by conservatives by ANY name during the campaign? Exactly ZERO.

How many acts of violence were committed against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders supporters during the campaign? Exactly ZERO.

We learned through observation what was also confirmed by WikiLeaks, that the Democrats paid people to disrupt Donald Trump rallies. They even condoned violence, generally trying to provoke violence from Trump supporters, to no avail.

But there are numerous examples of violence by leftists before and after Donald Trump’s win. So why should we be surprised in any way that a “progressive” decides to target and kill Republicans?

It wasn’t like we didn’t know.

Soon after the shooting took place people immediately went to social media and found James on Facebook.

It comes as no surprise that Hodgkinson’s Facebook was covered in anti-Trump rhetoric while showing overwhelming support for former presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders.

When scrolling through his social media profile we couldn’t help but notice the three news anchors liked by Hodgkinson.

MSNBC should be proud.

For the last seven months every single episode of Rachel’s show has been nothing but anti-Trump lies, and propaganda.

The media is partly to blame for this vicious attack that happened yesterday. They have a responsibility to the public to report neutral information and allow the public to decide for themselves what they choose to believe or not believe.

Unfortunately today’s media outlets tell you what to think and how to believe.

The New York Times, CNN, and BuzzFeed all retracted fake news articles and statements recently.

However, some continue to see these outlets as fact and a substitute for actual, unbiased journalism. Apparently, these people ignore the overwhelming evidence that these outlets are nothing more then sensationalized gossip.

Case in point is Comey’s testimony from last week.

He described a February NY Times story, which alleged numerous contacts between Trump associates and Russia, as “almost entirely wrong,”

Cotton:  “On February 14 the New York Times published a story, the headline of which was “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.”

You were asked earlier whether that was an inaccurate statement and you said you said ‘in the main.’  Would it be fair to characterize the story as ‘almost entirely wrong’?

Comey:  “Yes.”

Daily the media tells lies about Trump to create a hateful spirit in many idiot leftists.

Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg and mainstream media glorify the assassination of President Trump and wish ill upon their fellow man, simply because they don’t agree politically.

The biggest threat to peace and prosperity around the world is leftism. Leftism is a cancer that must be caught early and excised.

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