Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Dementia Shows in Interviews [VIDEO]

Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ Dementia Shows in Interviews [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters claims she never called for President Trump’s impeachment.

We decided to showcase Waters’ reality, what she actually believes.

Recently, Democrats cut Waters’ mic off, after she droned on about Russia. These were her own people demanding that she shut up.

And there have been plenty of warning signs, if one knows how to look.

I’ve contended that Waters is under fire for her anti-Trump stance.

We chronicled four separate instances where Waters demanded the impeachment of Trump. 

Then suddenly she backed off.

That’s four separate incidents of Maxine Waters calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

But when MSNBC’s Craig Melvin asked Waters to name Trump’s impeachable offenses, she balked.

Instead, Waters falsely implied Trump’s campaign staff colluded with Russia to rig the 2016 presidential election.

Then, Melvin asked whether Waters’ calls for Trump’s impeachment were premature because she had no evidence.

In response, Waters directly contradicted her previous public pronouncements:

“I have not called for impeachment.”

Believe it or not, this is Maxine Waters walking it back.

I’m not sure who’s getting to her, but she is most definitely looking for wiggle room on President Trump. Let’s face it, the president has made some great moves, and his poll numbers are rising.

Trump represents the master brander and his accomplishments benefit blacks more already than 8 years of Obama. Despite that being a low bar, expect Trump to clear it like he’s running over high hurdles.

When that occurs, Maxine Waters may find herself kissing the ring.

And now, Maxine Waters is being pursued.

We wrote an article, titled: EPIC: Maxine Waters Gets BLIND-SIDED at Her Town Hall

Maxine Waters never expected pro-Trump people to actually drive to Compton to confront her. That’s a huge risk that the media chooses to ignore.

People who live in Compton don’t want to be in Compton. The crime rate is WORSE than that of 85 percent of the country. Yet, a group of Trump supporters decided to meet Maxine Waters on her turf.

Throughout this Administration, Waters continually rants about Trump. For months the leftist lunatic demanded Trump be impeached. However, she suddenly and without warning backtracked. Prior to calling for Trump’s impeachment, Waters demanded on Tax Day post-election that President Trump produce his tax returns. This, despite the shellacking Rachel Maddow had taken already over the tax-return debacle.

According to The Blaze, Maxine should take heed.

The liberal darling known as “Auntie Maxine” received a dose of her own impeachment medicine over the weekend after signs calling for her impeachment appeared in the Los Angeles area, where her congressional district is located.

And then there were the protests at Waters’ $3 million home.

We documented the calls for Waters’ impeachment this at the time as follows:

Maxine Waters finds herself in a real fight.

And as Ali did to Liston, her opponent brings the fight to her home. Her $3 million home.

Waters resides in a $3 million mansion in Hancock Park in Los Angeles, California. For those unfamiliar with the area, know that Waters doesn’t live in the district she represents. She lives among the “white folk.”

I wonder if Waters’ constituents know that she’s a “House Negro” and not a “field Negro?!”

Who is it exposing the fraudulent life of Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA)?

Meet Omar Navarro., along with over a dozen protesters and a mariachi band decided to stage a protest at her home in LA.  Waters was not at home at the time of the protest.

He and dozens of protesters brought a mariachi band to Waters’ home. Navarro staged a protest that had Alinsky smiling in his grave.

I know nothing about Navarro, but I “man-crush” him already.

So Waters finds herself in real trouble.

Instead of President Trump facing impeachment, Waters may be on her way out.

The culling of the Democrat herd is underway. And it’s long past due.

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