Circus Clown Maxine Waters Shoves Leftist Reporter [VIDEO]

Circus Clown Maxine Waters Shoves Leftist Reporter [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters hates President Trump. Her sole purpose in her bitter miserable life is to impeach the president whom she has a personal problem with.

And she will push anyone who gets in her way, literally!

Looking like a Tootsie roll walking, Maxine Waters stops to answer questions by a leftist organization.

Below is a partial transcript of the exchange.

Michael Tracy, a correspondent with The Young Turks, a decidedly liberal outlet, was interviewing the California Democrat and appeared to hit a nerve when he asked her if former President Barack Obama was mistaken “to forge military cooperation with Russia in Syria.”

“Look, you and I have a different agenda, young man,” she replied. “I’m out to impeach this president – get that straight. I’m out to impeach the president. I’m not gonna be diverted by people who are Obama haters.”

Note that Waters was happy to oblige the young reporter until she sensed he wasn’t in lock step with her agenda.

Such is the way of the Left, bitter and cruel. And none are more of either than Maxine Waters.

Recall in 2011 in Inglewood, Calif., when Waters targeted the Tea Party?

“I am not afraid of anybody.  This is a tough game. And as far as I’m concerned the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

She has called for black people to fight against white policies:

“Policy, for the most part, has been made by white people in America, not by people of color,” she said. “They have tended to take care of those things that they think are important … so we have to band together and keep fighting back,” Waters said.

Band together?

Waters controls Congressional District 43. in California.

And like most areas who have a member of Congressional Black Caucus as a representative, CA District 43 is a crime-ridden gang-infested hellhole.

But Waters worries about white policies?

Her district is so bad; she doesn’t even live there! She resides in the tony neighborhood of Hancock Park – not far from Beverly Hills. And oh by the way, the neighborhood is predominately white.

Sounds like black people should fight against poverty pimps like Maxine.

Maxine has done nothing more then use her public service career to advance herself financially while others suffer. Much like Hilary Clinton and multi- millionaire Barack Hussein Obama.

No wonder Waters opposes President Trump. She recently made that clear.

“I oppose this president. I do not honor this president. I do not respect this president…And my mission and my goal is to make sure that he does not remain president of the United States of America.”

Waters opposed the Tea Party Community, practically vowing to destroy us. That worked so well, we elected President Trump.

And despite all the efforts of Waters and her ilk, the president will serve out his terms, the good Lord willing.

What Waters and other leftists dislike about President Trump is that he gets results.

She may shove a reporter out of the way, but Trump’s not budging.


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