Michael Brown Family Receives $1.5 Million from Ferguson

Michael Brown Family Receives $1.5 Million from Ferguson

I wrote earlier that the details of Michael Brown’s settlement were not released.

Well we now know the number.

The going rate has dropped for black thugs, as the Brown family received $1.5 million for the death of Michael Brown, Jr.

Perhaps the fact that Brown was an attempted cop killer is the reason his award was far less than say, Freddie Gray, whose family received over $6 million in his death.

NBC News reports:

The insurance company for the city of Ferguson, Missouri, paid $1.5 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Michael Brown’s parents, the city attorney said Friday.

Attorney Apollo Carey disclosed the amount in an email in response to an open records request. The settlement of the federal lawsuit was announced Tuesday, but financial details were not initially released.

We now live in a time when strong-arm robbers and potential cop killers get paid.

What a signal this sends to the community at large?

What of Darren Wilson? The police officer whose life lies in the balance, as he struggles with the 6’4″ 280 pound “gentle giant” who was trying to kill him? Is the city settling with him?

I love the black leftist perspective on this suit, as described in Hip Hop Wired:

Brown’s parents Michael Brown Sr. and Lezley McSpadden filed a wrongful death suit after that ruling, suing the city, former Police Chief Tom Jackson and Wilson in 2015. The suit claimed that Ferguson police’s culture of being hostile to black residents led to Wilson using excessive force and killing Brown. Brown’s parent’s will split the money, walking away with $750,000 that will never bring their son back.

To offer more context on this payout, Brown and McSpadden had to lose their son and wait two years to get this money. Meanwhile, Wilson killed someone and made more than $300,000 in less than a month thanks to supporters creating crowdfunding campaigns to cover his legal costs and living expenses after losing his job. It was also rumored that he was paid handsomely for his exclusive interview with ABC News.

Darren Wilson received money from supporters because he did his job.

The man defended his life from a vicious thug, and black leftists pretend otherwise. Idiots making heroes out of villains.

This isn’t Hollywood, where occasionally we can cheer for the villain since it’s not real. This is life. In life, those who wish to do harm to the innocent cannot be cheered.

As for Brown’s parents “walking away with $750,000,” you can bet there are some in that family who are very happy with this outcome. They should have received nothing.

The money should have gone to the many businesses burned over nothing.

There is one positive outcome. All the people who rioted and were angered over the death of a thug can watch the Browns spend that money. None of those other clowns get a nickel. Just hapless rubes who helped the Browns get paid.




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