Muslim Mayor of London GRILLED: Can’t Track 400 Terrorists in London [VIDEO]

Muslim Mayor of London GRILLED: Can’t Track 400 Terrorists in London [VIDEO]

The Mayor of London is a Muslim, and his name is Sadiq Khan.

I describe Khan as the perfect “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

He is exactly the type of Muslim the caliphate wants to make Islam appear to be civilized. Truth be told, Islam is far from civilized.

Islam is brutal. And the people who practice it will use any tactic to establish the caliphate.

Recently, Khan proclaimed that terrorism was “part and parcel” of living in a large city after the September bombing in New York City.

In the wake of two bombings in London in the last two weeks, the Brits are bothered.

In this exchange, Piers Morgan chastises the mayor for what he perceives to be a nonchalant attitude over the whereabouts of 200-400 ISIS fighters who have returned from the battlefields.

Piers Morgan: “Where are the 400 jihadis still in London?… You’re the mayor! WHERE ARE THEY?”

Mayor Sadiq Khan: I can’t cover 400 people…

Piers Morgan: Why not?… Why can’t you instruct the police, why can’t you… say everyone of those people who’ve come back from a war zone, I want them followed?

Sadiq Khan: The have to prioritize…

Piers Morgan:What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battlefield with the intent to harm British citizens? Why’s it not the number one priority? Why are these people allowed to just come back in the first place and then the London mayor does not have a clue to where any of them are?

The key thing to note is that London can’t cover 400 terrorists.

400? That’s not a huge number, when it comes to people plotting utter devastation on a weekly basis.

One would think that tracking terror is bigger than giving parking tickets?!

Khan blames his inability to track the worst kind of criminal on budget. I’d like to offer a helpful hint: don’t allow radical Muslims in your country in the first place.

Just to be clear, the excuse for not watching radical Muslim terrorists is Britain allowed too many into the country. I’m curious as to the controllable limit.

This is the same logic leftists in America use for legalizing the people who have sneaked into the U.S. Leftists say, “We might as well legalize illegals, since there are so many.”

Britain will one day say the same thing of terror. Perhaps they already have.

Again, I remind you of Khan’s comment that terror attacks are just a by-product of living in big cities.

Probably the worst comment of Khan came at the end of the discussion where he says,

“Can I say, the three men responsible for the the attack on Saturday night hadn’t come from overseas. They were, for all intents and purposes, integrated into our way of life.”

Does this man not even realize what he’s saying?!

Khan unknowingly admitted that not only can he not track 400 Muslims returning from battle, but he can’t track the home-grown ‘integrated’ Muslims.

Brits should be very afraid at this point.


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