Muslims Celebrate London Attacks: ‘F*ck you and f*ck your flag’ [VIDEO]

Muslims Celebrate London Attacks: ‘F*ck you and f*ck your flag’ [VIDEO]

Look at how Muslims grieved over the latest London attack.

And by grieve, I mean mocking the death of Brits (and others).

Watch in this video as Muslims celebrate the tragedy that killed Londoners.

These bastards are jubilant walking around London as sirens wail.

Leftists will deny this video. Further, they will try to convince us that Muslims love their “invaded” countries. 

Perhaps this was true years ago, however years of leftist PC multiculturalism changed that dynamic forever. These animals appreciate nothing. Their grandparents may have run from oppression by their Third World goat-humping leaders; however their children appreciate nothing.

Years of leftism convinced them they are victims. And now they want revenge for nothing.

All over the world, as tragedies befall civilized countries, Muslims do nothing productive. Instead they celebrate any calamities of the Western world. They take pride in catastrophes in Europe and North America. And they particularly enjoy catastrophes of their own creation.

When the World Trade Centers fell, Muslims all over the world celebrated. I can’t imagine the disgust I would feel for a country had Americans committed such a heinous act on another country. I dare say that no true American would celebrate such a thing.

In an attempt to debunk the idea that New Jersey Muslims didn’t celebrate, fact-checkers found the above footage.

It’s clear that Muslims all over the Middle East celebrated when the World Trade Center buildings fell. But, the Left challenge the idea that New Jersey Muslims didn’t. Because they are more “civilized?”

Here is how the report was presented:

Instead, there are repeated mentions on ABC News of celebrations on Sept. 11 among a group of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, 5,700 miles away from New Jersey. The Associated Press Television News video aired on ABC News shows dozens of Palestinians, many of them young boys, cheering the attacks in the streets while cars drive by honking and others hand out sweets in celebration. Mentions of celebrations in other Middle East countries, including Egypt and Lebanon, were also reported on air by ABC News at the time.

The only known on-air mention on ABC News related to celebrations of any kind in New Jersey came at 11:28 p.m. on Sept. 11, when former ABC News correspondent John Miller (now the NYPD deputy commissioner for counter-terrorism and intelligence) gave ABC News anchor Peter Jennings an update on reports of a van investigated for explosives.

And it’s clear that Muslims love America.

I’m not sure how many Muslim terror attacks have occurred in America since 9/11. However, what I do know is that no Muslims celebrate.

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