NBC RETRACTS LIE TOLD to Hype Megyn Kelly Debut

NBC RETRACTS LIE TOLD to Hype Megyn Kelly Debut

Megyn Kelly didn’t take the FOX commitment to telling the truth to NBC.

And what NBC News did last week showcases their fake news reality.

Before Kelly’s debut, the network took to Twitter to hype an “exclusive” from Megyn Kelly’s interview with Vladimir Putin. In the tweet, NBC claimed Putin did not deny having compromising information on President Donald Trump.

What a great social media “tease,” all in an effort to get viewership tantalized. After all, this was the debut of their new star and her show, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”

As an acquaintance of Kelly from her Fox days, I was curious about the new show, and felt the Putin interview was a good way to kick things off.

The issue for NBC revolves around the fact that the network lied in the tease.

Putin actually denied having compromising information about the American president. As Putin has all along, he called the idea of Russia doing what the Left claims “nonsense.”

Damage done, the truth about Putin’s real thoughts were finally revealed. And in a twist of irony, the least trusted news network and sister station of NBC, namely MSNBC, tweeted the truth: Putin denied having compromising information on Trump.

Moreover, Reuters published a story to the same effect. They reported that Putin “strongly denied he had any compromising material about U.S. President Donald Trump.”

We reported on Putin’s response to Kelly in the panel discussion, and that exchange was brutal for Kelly.

I must say, Putin blasted her.

The Russian president may have appeared irritated to some, but I assure you, he has no fear of Kelly. Putin seemed amused at her for the most part, though some have described him as “perturbed.”

At an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Russia late last week, Kelly asked Putin about recent comments he made that the accusations about Russian interference in the U.S. election are coming from people who did not want to admit defeat.

Kelly cited an intelligence report commissioned by former President Barack Obama after November’s election. According to the report, Putin ordered an “influence campaign” aimed at the U.S. presidential election.

Kelly comments to Putin:

“All 17 of America’s intelligence agencies concluded the Russians did interfere with our election,” said Kelly. She stated that people across the political spectrum in the U.S. have accepted this finding. “Are they all wrong?”

Putin removes his earpiece, then asks Kelly if she’s read the reports?

She comments that she read the unclassified version.

Back to the Lie.

As with Rachel Maddow’s “Al Capone vault” moment with the revelation about Trump’s taxes, Kelly got snake bit. The hype exceeded the show.

Sadly, this is not the way Kelly needed to come out of her corner. A first-round knockout, and Putin reinforced what President Trump says about the media: it’s fake news.

It took 40 minutes after posting the original tweet for NBC to issue a corrected one:

Link to the actual tweet

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