Fake News BS Poll Claims 43 Percent Want President Trump Impeached

Fake News BS Poll Claims 43 Percent Want President Trump Impeached

The grounds for impeaching a sitting president are high. One must commit treason betraying his country, bribery, and other high crimes. Obama easily jumped that bar.

Nevertheless, leftists never called him on it.

Obama could have been on camera building dirty bombs and plotting with ISIS to unleash them in middle America, and leftists would have chastised “flyover” citizens for driving him to jihad.

Then they would have given him another Nobel Peace Prize for good measure.

However, with President Trump, the rules change. Leftists throw impeachment around like rednecks toss cow chips.

From Maxine Waters to Nancy Pelosi, leftists show their eagerness to impeach almost daily. This poll from Politico/Morning Consult confirms their zeal:

43 percent of those surveyed wanted Congress to begin the process of impeaching Trump, while 45 percent don’t want Congress to impeach Trump.

Of those who do want Trump impeached, only 43 percent actually think that Trump has committed a criminal act that is deserving of impeachment.

Of those who want Trump impeached, 54 percent agreed that Trump has “proven he is unfit to serve and should be removed from office, regardless of whether he committed an impeachable offense or not,” Politico reported.

I love the terminology, “of those surveyed.”

As “those surveyed” is the crux of the discussion.

Like 56 percent of those surveyed chose Hillary Clinton for president?

So what exactly should Donald Trump be impeached for? Impeached for being successful?

The only possible reason the Left would want to impeach trump is to get the man off the streets. You see, Trump showcases Obama for what he is: a complete moron.

Why do you think the Left are so angry with Trump?

An accomplished billionaire who uses the principles that made him wildly successful to run the country. What a threat Trump represents to leftism in general and Obama in particular.

For example, Obama relied on the number of people who quit looking for jobs to get his unemployment numbers. On the other hand, Trump creates real jobs, naming the companies where the jobs are.

Why fake the Russia story, when eventually it points back to the Obama administration?

In a word: desperation.

The end of RussiaGate can only end badly for the Left. Without an investigation, one can clearly see the collusion between Hillary Clinton’s main minion John Podesta and the Russians. Further, the Russians made a hefty donation to the Clinton Foundation, which may prove difficult to explain.

Next, the temperature of the political water has changed.

Aside from the losses suffered by Democrats under Obama, there were other signs. Recall when Obama said to Democrats,

“I would consider it an insult to my legacy if you don’t vote for Hillary.”


America happily obliged. They rejected Hillary, and an all too eager Obama.

Then Trump proved to the world why Obama never should have been elected. The time for Affirmative Action presidents was over, and now the adults were back in charge.

Donald Trump created over 1,000,000 jobs in his first 4 months. Companies all over the country are noticeably optimistic about their futures. This is because the president removed almost 2 trillion dollars of onerous regulations that can now go back into innovation and jobs.

Has the Left credited President Trump for keeping America from busting through the 20 trillion debt ceiling? Better yet, Trump actually lowered the national debt by almost $200 billion.

I dare leftists to compare the number of jobs created and the national debt created by Obama his first 4 months on the job. It’s embarrassing, to say the least.

Unbelievably, Obama foreign policy was even worse.

He ran up the highest trade deficits in history. Moreover, he made America a worldwide laughing stock.

Conversely, Trump shored up our foreign policy.

Trump has made the balance in trade a priority. And Trump’s tough talk on China got the Chinese in line. As we know, the Chinese are anxious to become better trading partners, and demonstrated that by sending the North Korean coal back to Kim Jong-un, and taking coal from America.

Not only will we reduce the trade deficit with China, but Trump cajoled China to handle North Korea, just like he said he would do.

Next, Canada was put on notice with lumber, and Mexico will no longer have a $56 billion trade advantage.

Then, on his first visit abroad, the president got America more jobs, while bolstering security from terror around the world. Saudi Arabia rolled out the red carpet for the leader of the free world, despite his supposed issues with Muslims.

He’s making America safe again, while making America first again. So I can see why the leftists are angry.

Never has the legacy of a “hero” been destroyed so quickly. And when Trump is finished, the Left will be ashamed to utter the name Obama.







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