North Korean Woman DESTROYS American Feminists [VIDEO]

North Korean Woman DESTROYS American Feminists [VIDEO]

American feminists rants and rave about oppression. Compare their tales of woe to that of this young North Korean woman.

This brave young woman stood in front of the Chinese delegation known as One Young World and told of her life in the North Korean dictatorship.

She tearfully explains how as a young girl, she learned not to speak. Shockingly, she believed that the Kims could read her thoughts.

But the real truth is even one bad word against the Kims could get three generations of her family imprisoned or executed.

The young woman is Park Yeonmi.

After escaping to China in 2007, she finally found asylum in 2009. She now lives in South Korea, but continues to fight for real human rights.

But her life has been harrowing, to say the least.

At nine years old Park saw a woman publicly executed for watching a Hollywood movie. When Park was thirteen, she saw her mother allow herself to be raped in order to keep her attacker from targeting Park herself.

Meanwhile, feminists in America fight for the fictitious “income inequality”…while shopping at Neiman’s on some man’s money.

Women like Ashley Judd and Madonna pretend to fight for women’s rights, as they wholly ignore the daily plight of women like Park. These feminists have no idea what oppression is, yet they wave the feminist flag like modern-day Betsy-Ross-meets-Susan-B-Anthony.

American feminists showcase their ironies and hypocrisies, like Alicia Keys fights for women by wearing her hijab, the Muslim symbol of female oppression.

Despite the dangers Park faces, she wrote a book titled In Order to Live. Based on her testimony, I picture her sweet face holding a knife at her throat, willing to die in order to remain free.

As hard as my life has been at times, it would be a disgrace to pretend I’ve been in her shoes.

You won’t find Park dressing in a vagina costume shouting obscenities to promote her platform. She doesn’t need props to make her point. Because she has her life.

Women have problems in America, that’s for sure. And so do men.

Feminists make a mockery of the real war on women happening around the world, as they trivialize the real war.

American women choose their mates, their clothes, their careers, and how to use their voice. Yet, the US feminist movement is a bizarre display of privilege pretending to be oppressed. And leftism provides the perfect environment to entertain this delusion.

Leftists fuel the very governments that evolve into dictatorships. They engender and nurture this gender war in country after country, then ignore the atrocities they create.
Leftists bolster big government, feeding it with money they extort from taxpaying citizens. The ultimate outcome is exactly what this young lady experienced. A dictatorial regime that creates mindless drones, and kills anybody who dare think of himself as an individual, a human.
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