Butt-hurt Obama: His Next Failed Move to Undermine President Trump

Butt-hurt Obama: His Next Failed Move to Undermine President Trump

In the last election, though Hillary Clinton lost, the real loser was Barack Obama.

Apparently, Obama takes the rejection personally. Thus, Obama’s travel schedule appears to undermine President Trump. 

During his latest trip to Canada Obama spoke to 6,000 socialists in order to maintain some semblance of relevance.

Ironically, the crowd size was exponentially larger than crowds Obama commands stateside.

Ironically, the premise of Obama’s speech was to bring attention to the terrorism. However, Obama proved to be quintessential Obama, as he warned Canadians not to move “backward towards Nationalism, isolations, and xenophobia.”

“The disruptions that are happening globally are going to continue to accelerate….that leads people to search for certainty and control, and they can call for isolationism or nationalism, or they can consider rolling back the rights of others, or simply they can try to retreat and suggest that we have no obligations beyond our borders, or beyond our communities, beyond our tribe. That what’s good for me and my immediate people is all that matters. Everybody else is on their own.”

Obama’s solution to fighting global terror is to tell non-terrorists to simply accept terrorism.

No wonder why America didn’t want Obama.

Throughout his 8 years of failure and the rejection of his legacy throughout this past election, Obama learned nothing.

Citizens expect their government to protect them. And if America proves anything, we have none of the problems Obama outlined.

America is diverse and accepting. And we won’t be demonized to suit the narrative of the PC multiculturalists.

All Obama gave America is terrorists in our midst, literally training in all 50 states.

But the real issue was trade.

While Obama glad-hands over terror, the real issue in Canada is one of our trade deficit.

Shorty after his inauguration, President Trump announced that the United States will impose a 20 percent tariff on all softwood lumber imported from Canada. He made this move to level the playing field for American lumber companies.

“We love Canada, but they have been very good at taking advantage of the United States through NAFTA,” Trump told a group of reporters. “We are putting a 20 percent tax on lumber coming into the United States from Canada.”

Obama did nothing to correct America’s trade imbalance anywhere on the globe.

Yet, he told Canadians and the rest of the world that the Trump administration’s “American first” policies worries him. Obama cautioned about “intolerance and tribalism and organizing ourselves along ethnic lines.”

Interesting choice of words, given that both the United States and Canada are about as heterogeneous as cultures as you can get.

In the end, Obama can do nothing to stop the Trump administration agenda. And I can’t wait for Trump’s policy moves to play out, so the world will be forced to see Obama for what he was and still is. A loser.



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