Old Bernie Tweet – Leftists Motivated (to kill) by Love [VIDEO]

Old Bernie Tweet – Leftists Motivated (to kill) by Love [VIDEO]

You don’t have to look too far in the past to see the lunacy of the Left.

Like this tweet by Bernie Sanders.

One of Bernie’s crazed zombies tried to kill Republicans in Alexandria this week. But as Sanders’ tweet suggests, he spreads love.

How many acts of “love” do leftists commit?

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Leftists profess love, as their hatefest continues. And hatred of conservatives by way of our surrogate, President Trump grows by epic proportions with the murderers.

From where does this hate originate?

The conveyor belt of ignorance, of course.

For leftists, hating Trump is an industry. To not hate Trump brings the potential for job loss, or so the Left believes.

Recently Ellen commented that she wouldn’t have the president on her TV show. She said, and I paraphrase, “I barely know him. I met him during season 1 or 2 of Celebrity Apprentice, and flew around in the helicopter for a skit, but we haven’t spoken since.”

Then why did Ellen give Melania a gold stroller at her baby shower for Barron? She said it was a joke.

So it was OK for Ellen to use the Trump newborn as a joke for her show. But, now that Donald Trump is president, he’s not good enough to appear?

The joke is on Ellen, if you ask me. I predict she will soon beg for the president to validate her.


The fact is, Bernie Sanders and his ilk use people.

That’s what Bernie Sanders did to get rich, and that’s what Ellen does to stay rich.

But there are the people who wish to hurt Trump and other conservatives just for sport.

Like the Shakespeare play depicting Trump as Caesar, thus getting stabbed to death.

Next, the shooting in Alexandria, and prior to that Kathy Griffin”s horrible ISIS impersonation.

Finally, what of the countless violence from groups like Antifa and BLM?

Plenty of evidence exists to prove leftists are insane. Sadly, they don’t see it.

As for spreading love, Sanders is partially right. Leftists spread something, but it’s not love. It’s bullsh*t!

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