President Trump Silent as Mueller Picks anti-Trumpers

President Trump Silent as Mueller Picks anti-Trumpers

One of the most asked questions I get these days surrounds Special Counsel Mueller.

I warned that the man is in no way unbiased in his politics. Moreover, he’s anti-Trump. And, he picks anti-Trumpers to his staff.

So why is the White House not concerned?

Like Comey, Mueller has been given bi-partisan and almost universal praise. Given my knowledge of DC, the praise made me immediately skeptical of the man. The more I have learned, the more I believe my instincts were correct.

Yet, President Trump seems rather nonchalant about the whole thing.

If we were only talking about Mueller, perhaps the rancor would end. However, it seems that with each addition to Mueller’s team, we get another anti-Trumper.

If we’ve learned anything about Trump, we know he’s a pretty good poker player.

After all, he’s already done the impossible. But there is more, so let’s look at the facts.

First, Trump has no hidden interests in Russia. Nor did he collude with the Russians in the election. Gowdy exposed this in his questioning of Obama’s Director of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, effectively ending this investigation.

Second, (or third if you count the earlier “nor”) Trump knows the Left knows he has no hidden interests in Russia, nor did he collude.

Third, by letting Mueller pick his staff, and stack the deck, there will be no way out when the first point is made clear.

Trump deals in “crisis management.” He won’t spend “cycles,” ergo time on issues that he finds unworthy of consideration. Thus, he indulges the Left.

Ask yourself how much time Trump himself spends on Russia? For every minute Trump may spend on the subject the Left invests man-days. They scurry around attempting to respool the unraveled yarn, wasting valuable time.

Though the GA special election wasn’t related to Russia per se, it does illustrate my point. Leftists spend $31 million in a fight they had NO chance of winning.

Remind you of anything?

Trump doesn’t fight Mueller on appointments, because his inevitable vindication gives the Left no footing. When Russia clears, the Left stand on quicksand. Trump will literally have nothing standing in the way of his agenda.

And what about the optics of this witch hunt?

Trump will declare the whole thing a monumental waste of time, and he will blame everybody in the leftist food chain.

And what of the next “scandal?” How much weight will the next inevitable witch hunt hold?

Trump will be able to dispel anything reported against him with half a tweet.

So for those of you wondering why Trump won’t fight Mueller, understand he doesn’t have to. The most powerful man in the free and slave world is innocent. And now he has operatives of his own who can uncork a few genies of his own.

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