President Trump’s OMINOUS WARNING ahead of Comey Testimony [VIDEO]

President Trump’s OMINOUS WARNING ahead of Comey Testimony [VIDEO]

I’m going to poke a hole in the balloon of leftists.

But President Trump doesn’t seem very worried about the upcoming testimony of former FBI Director James Comey.

In fact, the president is rather nonchalant, as this video indicates.

Did you see any angst on the face of the president?

Trump’s carriage doesn’t depict that of a man losing sleep over the farce we call RussiaGate. In fact, he’s rather jovial.

He jokes about Russia, hidden in his comments about his son-in-law Jared Kushner becoming more popular than I am.

Everybody laughs, because that’s exactly what the Russian story represents…a good hearty laugh.

Yet, the Left seem to hang their hats on “notes” of James Comey, as if they have three angles of video surveillance of Trump passing suitcase money.

Watch as Lawrence O’Donnell attempts to gen up ratings for his flailing show. He compares the president NOT invoking executive privilege to Nixon not destroying the Watergate tapes.

The desperation of the Left oozes from every orifice.

Instead of O’Donnell realizing that President Trump has nothing to hide, thus didn’t invoke executive privilege, O’Donnell attempts to sell the story as Trump’s Waterloo.

I’m curious as to how one man’s notes might be the end of the presidency? When I think of how O’Donnell presented this argument, I’m reminded of the scene about grits in the movie My Cousin Vinny.

Are these MAGIC NOTES?

As we suggested a while back, President Trump isn’t guessing about the content of Comey’s notes. He has them.

Comey had highest-level cover (the FBI no less) and was deep into an effort to eliminate Trump. Trump had to move hard, fast, and at exactly the right time to cut the head off the snake without getting bitten by the snake or being finished by the other swamp denizens.

Notice that the President fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office.

Comey had no inkling he was being cut, and that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department. This was not a violation of protocol, it was tactical. Notice how Prez Trump compartmentalized the strike and did not inform any of his White House “staff” to prevent leaks. Notice how he emasculated Comey and the swamp denizens by letting them know in a tweet that the Attorney General got information (surveillance “tapes” from the seizure of Comey’s office) to let Comey and his handlers know that Trump’s DOJ has the goods on them. This was a brilliant, strategic, and totally imperative move at exactly the right time against horrible, evil and corrupt powers infesting our government.

Regardless, Comey’s notes are meaningless. However, there is one other thing.

You can be sure that had Obama acted the same way, O’Donnell would sing his praises. He would commend Obama on his openness.

Then, he would excoriate any detractors, as he should.

Look at all the people in the Obama administration who got immunity deals from Comey or who refused to testify. The details around immunity are reported here,

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) thinks he’s figured out why no one was prosecuted following the FBI’s yearlong investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Just about every major player in the investigation was granted immunity.

According to a new report Friday morning, the Department of Justice provided varying levels of immunity to three additional top Clinton aides. They are her former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills; former director of the State Department’s Office of Information Resources Management, John Bentel; and 2008 Clinton campaign legal aide Heather Samuelson.

“No wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case,” Chaffetz said. “They were handing out immunity deals like candy.”

Reportedly, Mills’ immunity deal pertained to her allowing the FBI access to her personal laptop computer. She did so on the condition that she could not be prosecuted for anything found on it. Samuelson was given a similar immunity offer.

The FBI informed Chaffetz and another member of the oversight committee, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), of the additional immunity deals on Friday. Jordan has yet to comment, but Chaffetz was clearly unhappy with the FBI and Director James Comey.

And if that wasn’t enough, the most critical person in the investigation, Susan Rice refuses to testify.

There is even a rumor that Rice may be pursuing an immunity deal.

According to Infowars.

Ever since the scandal has come to light, Rice has tried to avoid the glare of the interrogator’s light. For instance, she refused to testify before the Senate during their investigation into the Russian hacking conspiracy, via CNN.

On other counts, Rice has attempted to clear her own name by giving supposedly candid interviews to “serious” journalists. In each interview, the fact that Rice is a compulsive liar comes through time and time again, via FOX News.

Rice has a reason to be evasive. The House is currently looking into whether or not Rice ordered the NSA to spy on Donald Trump and his team before the inauguration. According to some evidence, all of this was done with foreign intelligence services as cover, via Washington Times.

If convicted, Rice could face serious jail time. With immunity, she may name bigger names than herself.

The double-standard by these fake news scumbags is unrelenting. What should have given O’Donnell a reason to applaud President Trump is instead used against him; just to fuel the unwashed masses on the Left.

And all for nothing.

Watch this week as the Left burns in a hell of their own creation.

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