Vladimir Putin BLASTS Megyn Kelly in Her NBC Debut [VIDEO]

Vladimir Putin BLASTS Megyn Kelly in Her NBC Debut [VIDEO]

As most of America knows, Megyn Kelly left FOX News for greener pastures.

In her debut for her new network, Kelly interviewed Vladimir Putin.

I must say, Putin blasted her.

The Russian president may have appeared irritated to some, but I assure you, he has no fear of Kelly. Putin seemed amused at her for the most part, though some have described him as “perturbed.”

At an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Russia late last week, Kelly asked Putin about recent comments he made that the accusations about Russian interference in the U.S. election are coming from people who did not want to admit defeat.

Kelly cited an intelligence report commissioned by former President Barack Obama after November’s election. According to the report, Putin ordered an “influence campaign” aimed at the U.S. presidential election.

Kelly comments to Putin:

“All 17 of America’s intelligence agencies concluded the Russians did interfere with our election,” said Kelly. She stated that people across the political spectrum in the U.S. have accepted this finding. “Are they all wrong?”

Putin removes his earpiece, then asks Kelly if she’s read the reports?

She comments that she read the unclassified version.

As a person who knows the inside of this business, as well as body language, I don’t believe Kelly read these reports. I believe she took the base-level information, and ran with it.

Why waste your time with redacted reports?

The persons who read the full reports will always have the upper hand.

And in that regard, I would have loved for Putin to ask her direct questions from the report. He could have even made things up, and said, “That wasn’t in the report, I was just testing you.”

Instead Putin ridiculed unclassified reports, and alluded that what Kelly understood of this matter amounted to asking questions about buttons on suits.

One thing he said rings true. He said that Kelly didn’t make a single comment about anything that was irrefutably true.

I’m a fan of Megyn Kelly, as she had me as a regular on her show. But if she wants to be ready for prime time, she needs to bring the FOX News tradition to NBC. That’s why they hired her.

NBC’s formula loses. Kelly now has the opportunity to help guide them into a new future. However, this was not a good start.





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