SERIOUSLY: Chance The Rapper SLAMS TRUMP Over Chicago’s Problems

SERIOUSLY: Chance The Rapper SLAMS TRUMP Over Chicago’s Problems

Chicago has had problems for decades in black neighborhoods.

Check each Monday, and you can get the report on the number of people shot and killed over the weekend. The carnage reminds one of a war zone. For blacks, Chicago represents exactly that.

Chicago has been this way for decades. But you can bet the election of Obama was supposed to remedy all that. Black people rejoiced in their newfound savior, and white leftists thought Utopia had been realized.

However, in 8 years as president, Obama accomplished nothing to help his “adoptive city.”

But that didn’t stop Chance the Rapper, a die-hard Obama fan from blaming the problems of Chicago on President Trump.

Chance the Rapper appeared on The View Thursday. He joined the all too ready leftist morons on that program to bash Trump.

Chance opined that Donald Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he says black cities have gotten nothing in return for voting Democrat, especially his home town Chicago.

“It’s a result of a lot of things,” the rapper said when asked why the city saw a 58 percent increase in gun violence in 2016. “We have an underfunded public school system. We have over policed neighborhoods. Terrible relations between the communities and the officers.”

Every problem this moron discussed was caused by leftists.

This fool validated exactly what then-candidate Trump said. 

Even black-centric racist Spike Lee knows the problems of Chicago were not caused by Trump. I suggest that Lee knows that the problems of Chicago are not caused by Republicans or the Tea Party Community.

What most leftists know is the problems of Chicago are caused by Democrats.

And Democrats always look for scapegoats for the problems they creates. Thus for Chance the Rapper, the problem of black criminality, particularly against other blacks is a cop problem, not a black thug problem.

Woe be it for Chance the Rapper to lose his money tree by calling blacks out for bad behavior.

Why bring attention to the breakdown of the family unit by Democrats? They tell black women that government is their man, not the fathers of their children.

Democrats discuss revitalization of urban (black) neighborhoods, but nothing happens. Or whites gentrify black neighborhoods, forcing blacks into new areas to degrade.

As the neighborhoods change, the outlook for jobs change.

The good jobs leave black neighborhoods, as crime escalates, and the leftist cycle of “help” repeats.

What jobs has Rahm Emanuel created for young black youths? Go city by city and look at black teen unemployment. Be sure to have a handkerchief to wipe away the tears.

What does each of these cities have in common: Democrat leadership.

The Chicago Tribune discussed a study that showed the effect jobs have on “curbing criminal behavior”:

“The University of Chicago Crime Lab found a 43 percent reduction in violent crime arrests for youths who secured eight-week-long part-time summer jobs…the positive effect lasted 18 months after the program ended.”

How many jobs did Obama create in Chicago?

Perhaps he was too focused on the rights of gays and Muslims?

It’s not like Chancellor Jonathan Bennett AKA “Chance the Rapper”  has not had access to these two Democrat civic leaders.

In November 2014, Chance was named Chicago’s Outstanding Youth of the Year by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Also, Chance met with former President Obama at the White House on April 16, 2016, to discuss My Brother’s Keeper Challenge.

This is an initiative of the United States Federal Government to promote intervention by civic leaders in the lives of young men of color to address their unique challenges and to promote racial justice, with other musicians.

Chance so loved Obama, he started a clothing line called #ThankUObama.

Thanks for nothing!

I wonder if it bothers Chance that Barack Obama did very little for black people in America?

According to The National Review, the first black president is responsible for the following:

a decrease in black American labor force participation by 2.4%,

a decrease in black teenage labor force participation by 2.7%.

Obama’s policies increased poverty among black Americans by 1.6%, and brought

a decrease in the median income for black households by 1.5%.

As if that wasn’t enough, from 2009 through 2015, black home-ownership decreased by over 9%.

And in what may be the most shocking of all the statistics, under Obama, blacks on food stamps increased by 58.2%.

It’s no wonder the “black areas” of Chicago are a war zone today. Not having something to put your hands to or having any kind of goals to work towards leaves one feeling hopeless with no sense of purpose in life. 

But as Chance the Rapper says, “It’s Trump’s fault!”



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