Hillary Who? Relevance of Hillary Clinton Post-Butt Kicking

Hillary Who? Relevance of Hillary Clinton Post-Butt Kicking

Hillary Clinton has never been relevant.

That’s a difficult truth for the Left. Nevertheless, they know I’m right.

The smart ones–few and far between–admit this truth in their private enclaves.

The bit of Hillary Clinton’s relevance there once was, was tied to her once famous husband, Bill Clinton. But now the world sees Bill Clinton for what he is:, a misogynist and rapist. Bill Clinton’s star no longer shines bright, a candlelight in comparison to its one blinding brilliance.

There was a time however, when Bill Clinton ruled the roost. No matter what he did, all was forgiven by the Left. In fact, the man was canonized among leftists even after passing legislation that resembled conservative views.

Then came the shiny black object.

Barack Obama started the demise of the Clintons.

They could have shared the spotlight, had Obama actually been an accomplished president. But Obama was far from accomplished.

His tenure ended, Obama suffers the same fate as the Clintons. His numbers are destined to fall, as the truth reveals itself about him personally and professionally.

Hillary Clinton hitched her wagon to another horse destined for the glue factory.

Post-election emergence from her rat hole, Hillary Clinton has looked endlessly for political footing. Actually, this began prior to her campaign.

Remember, Clinton’s book release was to be the launch of Hillary “I don’t need Bill’s coattails” Clinton. The book, Hard Choices was her first flop. During one event to promote the book somebody tossed a shoe at her on stage.

Next, she declared her presidency with all the hoopla of an off-off-Broadway show. Truthfully, average “nobodies” get more viewership than the Clinton official presidential launches, yes plural. Recall the second launch was worse than the first.

Then came her lackluster campaign, and its inevitable outcome.

Now, we learn from  a new Gallup poll, more Americans dislike Hillary Clinton now than did on Election Day.

How laughable is that, given the beatdown the media and other left wing nincompoops tried to put on Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton tried everything to improve her image. At first she even seemed to tell her anemic followers to give the new president a chance. However, that humility lasted all of a hot minute.

Since then, Hillary Clinton ruined the “positive public image tour” by making more excuses for her loss.

Thus, Gallup finds only 41% of Americans currently view Clinton favorably, while 57% view her unfavorably. That compares to 43% who saw her positively in November, while 55% disapproved of her.

Gallop findings show that Clinton stands out among failed presidential candidates.

“Over the past quarter century, the favorable ratings of losing presidential candidates generally have increased after the election—some in the immediate aftermath and others in the months that followed,” Gallup wrote Wednesday.

Gallup published this graphic to denote the stark difference:

Relevance of Hillary Clinton

Contrast Clinton’s polls to that of President Trump.

Recently, President Trump highlighted a Rasmussen poll showing his job approval rating at 50 percent. And these poll numbers were achieved despite the daily negative onslaught from the mainstream media.

USA Today reports:

According to Rasmussen, this is the first time Trump’s approval rating has hit 50% since late April. The highest it has been was 59% in January, shortly after his inauguration.

The lowest it has been was 42% in late April.

Hillary Clinton should take note.

The Clinton Era ended with a thud.


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