Secret Service Agent Runs Down Working Trump Motorcade

Secret Service Agent Runs Down Working Trump Motorcade

Being a Trump supporter is not the only hazardous gig.

Just ask the Secret Service agent assigned to Trump.

As CNN tweeted:

According to CNN,

Secret Service uniformed division officers had blocked a street for the President’s return to the White House when a vehicle tried to turn into the motorcade route near 15th Street NW and Pennsylvania Avenue, ignoring verbal and visual commands not to enter.

A Secret Service spokesperson told CNN one officer was struck by the driver as he attempted to stop the car from continuing into the motorcade route. […] The officer suffered minor injuries as he landed on the hood of the Gray Mazda SUV.

The unidentified male driver, who reportedly works for Uber, was hit with charges of failure to obey and assault with a dangerous weapon (vehicle).

He told officers he wasn’t paying attention and the act was an accident, the report said.

The investigation is ongoing.

For those of you wondering why an investigation is ongoing, it’s because leftists are dangerous.

In the wake of the attempted assassination of various Republicans, everybody associated with Trump must remain on high alert.

Who knows what the driver was attempting to do?

Recently in DC, two black thugs rammed two police officers on bicycle patrol. Apparently, the two thugs attempted to kill the two police officers as part of Black Lives Matter.

 In a similar attack in DC, terrorism is not being ruled out. Two Washington D.C. police officers and a third victim were run over in an attack that mirrored similar ISIS-inspired massacres by jihadists in Europe as I just described.

According to the Washington Post,while the officers patrolled on bicycles in the neighborhood of Adams Morgan, the driver of a pickup truck rammed them at a high rate of speed, dragging one victim up to 30 feet before crashing into a garbage truck.

In this case, the driver appears to have no malicious motive. The article continues,

The driver was arrested and charged with failure to obey and assault with a dangerous weapon-vehicle…taken to the second district police station for processing. The suspect told arresting officers he was not paying attention to the Secret Service officer but rather “another vehicle.”

Sadly, the remnants of decades-long leftism. Thus, we don’t know the motives of incidents as we may have in the past.





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