Sen. Schumer Caught Dancing Awkwardly With Plantation Workers [VIDEO]

Sen. Schumer Caught Dancing Awkwardly With Plantation Workers [VIDEO]

What could Chuck Schumer possibly be dancing about?

The Democrats just got their asses torched 5-0, and this fool is dancing…badly.

And Deputy Mayor of New York City, Richard Buery looks like a big “cheesing” Negro tweeting about the Schumer Shuffle.

“Look at Massa dancin’ and havin’ fun with the folks!”

If Trump did this, he’d rightfully be ridiculed.

Schumer surrounds himself with brown and black people, then he plays to the animals. And you can bet that if Schumer were a Republican, there would have been no dancing.

Schumer and Buery attended the Prospect Park Soiree in Brooklyn, NY, where the mishap was caught on camera. Isn’t an old white Jew dancing supposed to send off a warning blast? Doesn’t America need trigger warnings for this?



The old fart danced to a mashup of “It Takes Two,” and to his credit he managed to keep the beat. Nevertheless, even hardcore Democrats had to wince at those circa ’20s moves.

But leave it to leftists to play along. After all, Schumer is the master of the New York plantation, and leftist blacks need to go along to get along.

And what about that outfit?

Did somebody not tell Schumer he was going out? If they hadn’t reported that Schumer was out with one of his plantation slaves, I would have thought he had stumbled upon this gathering.

Plaid shirt and khakis?

I’m shocked Schumer even wore a belt, as he might have gotten the “sagging” vote?

I couldn’t quite catch Schumer at an angle to read his hat. “Make Hillary Rich Again!” perhaps?

Democrats should be embarrassed to post this nonsense, especially black Democrats. As the saying goes,

“Things stay on the internet forever…except failed Obama policies.”

For the record, Democrats have a history of dancing for the public. Remember Obama on Ellen?

Obama danced as a candidate, but not as president.

As Deadline noted,

If you had money on Barack Obama becoming the first sitting president to dance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show when he taped his appearance today, we have bad news.

“I was watching some of the dance moves backstage,” Obama said when he finally walked onstage, at the Warner Bros lot this afternoon, referencing her audience warm-up entertainment. “You guys were doing pretty good.”

No dance, Obama decided. “They set the bar too high,” he said, according to the pool report.

“How do you feel now?” DeGeneres asked, recovering from our disappointment.

“Older,” POTUS  said confidently, knowing no one could prove otherwise.

And who could ever forget FLOTUS twerking on stage?

I wrote at the time,

The woman who didn’t start appreciating America until her husband was elected certainly soaked up all the accolades.

News One discussed a book being written about Michelle Obama, where 16 authors “love on Michelle Obama.”

Below is a conversation with Chambers on The Meaning of Michelle, which will be published days before our first Black First Family officially leaves the White House.  [Edited for length and clarity.]

MO doing stage danceI love the part, [Edited for length and clarity].

It’s likely they didn’t have enough room on the internet to sing the praises of Michelle Obama at the black-centric News One.

Look, Michelle Obama was First Lady, and she deserves a certain amount of respect. Most Conservatives might have a different feeling about her, had she not essentially admitted that she hated the country. Frankly, most people believe she will go right back to hating at least half the country.

Pole Dancing

But a while back, Michelle Obama did something I believe no First Lady ever did, and that’s mimic pole dancing to a throng of adoring people.

As you view the image, try to guess the ages of the attendees of this event.


So don’t be too hard on Schumer.

When the chips are down, leftists dance.





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