Senator Gillibrand Drops F Bomb in anti-Trump Rant [VIDEO]

Senator Gillibrand Drops F Bomb in anti-Trump Rant [VIDEO]

Leftists prove daily how classless they can behave.

Their vulgarity highlights their pathetic lives. When they feel their power slipping, their desperation shows.

Check out the deplorable behavior of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) She dished out harsh words about President Trump during her profanity-laced rant Friday, claiming he has not kept his campaign promises.

“Has he kept any of these promises? No. F*ck no,” she said during her fiery speech at the Personal Democracy Forum at New York University. “Sorry, I understand this is a younger audience. It’s OK.”

The irony is Obama broke most of his campaign promises, yet Democrats said little to nothing.

Trump keeps most of his, and they lament for whom? For us? 

Despite the polls, most conservatives, save Ann Coulter, are pretty happy with President Trump’s performance.

But, as my grandmother might say, “Democrats could have a ham under each arm and still be mad they didn’t get bread.”

A case in point happened at the 2017 California Democratic convention last month. State party chairman John Burton led the crowd in a ‘F**k’ Trump chant, complete with hand gestures.

So, the entire crowd including Democrat “leadership” shot our president the bird with both hands while chanting “F—k Trump! F—k Trump!” over and over again.

A picture was taken at the event that caught Nancy Pelosi and former Labor Secretary Hilda Solis laughing so hard they wiped away tears while standing near Burton in the midst of his ‘F–k Trump’ chant.

Would Democrats put up with the same ill manner of disrespect from conservatives if they did this to Obama? You bet your ass they wouldn’t.

Meanwhile these sorry democratic “leaders” appear on our television screens every night telling us Donald Trump is un-presidential and foul.

Hypocrite much?

It’s truly eye-opening to see the “leaders” of the Democratic Party who scream the loudest about their love and tolerance for everyone behave in such a way.

Sadly, this behavior is how one gets ahead in the Democratic Party. Gillibrand pulled this stunt to gain status in her party.

Unfortunately for her, the move will ultimately backfire. She’s bet on the wrong horse. She believes the media will prop her up. Then, she believes her Democrat cohorts will join, once they see the power she garners.

But that power will never come. A new day has arrived in politics, and the “old school” tactics of the Left no longer work.

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