Snowflakes at Yale Really Blow this Hunger Strike!

Snowflakes at Yale Really Blow this Hunger Strike!

Leave it to the college snowflakes at Yale to screw up a hunger strike.

Yale Hunger Strike #KevinJackson leftist Yale snowflakesWas anybody concerned that these toddlers would follow through with their protest by missing meals?
“I’m hung-gwee”; they cried.

According to

Eight graduates wanted to join a union so badly, they were willing to starve themselves until they got in. Or at least until they got hungry. After all, this is a “symbolic” hunger strike, meant to inspire joy. Republican students called the hunger strike a farce, since strikers planned to rotate with other students when they needed a lunch break.
As soon as their stomachs rumbled once, they started looking for their mommies to nurse them.

The campus Young Republicans certainly didn’t help matters!

The Yale College Republicans organized a barbecue nearby in the early days of the “hunger strike,” while an anonymous Yale alumnus delivered the “fasting” students $200 worth of pizza.

The union drive is being carried out by UNITE HERE, which is employing a “micro-union” approach to organize graduate students department-by-department instead of university-wide. As we’ve explained before, the Obama-era National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) legalized micro-unions to Balkanize workplaces so that a small group of unhappy workers can form their own union even if the larger group of workers has no interest in joining the union. (The fact that graduate students are even considered union-eligible employees stems from a 2016 NLRB ruling allowing them to unionize.) As it stands now, only 228 of Yale’s 2,600 students have cast eligible votes regarding unionization, illustrating UNITE HERE’s piecemeal approach.

Anybody surprised that college snowflakes lasted an HOUR in their hunger strike?

I’m surprised they didn’t have snacks! So this is what the Ivy League teaches?

Remember, these snowflakes represent the group who define “stress” as having to pay late charges on college library books.

Universities teach hypersensitivity and that includes hunger pangs.

What was the cause for which the students were striking? Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

The cause certainly wasn’t meaningful enough for anybody to actually stay hungry.


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