Leftist Student Organization Wants GOP Dead

Leftist Student Organization Wants GOP Dead

Professor John Griffin posted that House Republicans “should be lined up and shot” for passing the American Health Care Act.

In response to Griffin’s post, a socialist organization at the University of Georgia responded that the guillotine is a better idea.

The Young Democratic Socialists at the University of Georgia proves once again that academia doesn’t teach conservatism. In fact, universities barely tolerate conservatives. This little back and forth is only the latest example.

Of course the coward professor who kicked off the controversial statements has deleted his post.

And like everyone else who’s made these tacky comments, he’s issued a half-hearted apology.

Sure, that’s all it takes. And you can bet his ideology changed the minute he deleted his post.


Death to Conservatives:

In case you ever wonder what the Left would do to conservatives in a purge, understand this. The beatings would be the least of our worries.
During the presidential campaign of 2016, the Left pretended that Trump supporters were looking for fights, and otherwise creating chaos.As we learned from various sources, it was leftists causing trouble.
Just during inauguration week alone, leftists wreaked havoc. We reported one story about Tomi Lahren. She was attacked by militant protesters when she tried to attend the inauguration. Then there were countless riots. The people smashing through Starbucks and destroying property weren’t conservatives.
But universities should be the place where all the fighting ends and debating sparks problem solving. Instead we see leftist teachers showing kids how to shoot Trump.
Furthermore, recall the liberal professor who was teaching “Creative forms of resistance” to his students. He proved that leftists are the puppet masters and millennials are the next generation to dance happily on the strings.

Make no mistake about it, the Left will kill for their ideology.

They will even kill those meant to protect us.
Look at the threats on the president recently. Kathy Griffin displaying President Trump’s severed head is one of many examples. Although the backlash to Griffin came from some leftists, you can bet many more would have loved to see that joke turned into reality.
In fact, leftists have no reservations displaying their affections for violence. “Shakespeare in the Park” just launched in Central Park. The first show featured “Julius Caesar.” The character bore an uncanny resemblance to President Trump. He was murdered in a blood bath. Calpurnia just happens to speak like Melania. Coincidence? I think not.
But it’s not just Trump the Left want dead, it’s all things conservative. And by any means necessary. They want us all dead and gone. Bury the Right wing and its ideals. That’s the motto leftists live by.
Universities teach this hatred of conservatism. Berkeley is a painful reminder of leftism allowed to fester. And universities all over America have created these monsters.
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