Ted Cruz DEMOLISHES Harvard Professor in American History [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz DEMOLISHES Harvard Professor in American History [VIDEO]

Leftists like to twist things, especially history.

So when a leftist tried revising history, Ted Cruz wasted no time setting the record straight.

Leftists have spent years feeding the public a line that says: “Put me in charge and I’ll keep the sky from falling down.” Thanks to Trump the hot air is leaking out of that balloon. However, after Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord, some pretty ridiculous reactions surfaced.

For example, the ACLU likened climate change to racism.


John Kerry referred to the move as “self-destructive.”

Additionally, Chelsea Coombs of Vice News warned people that all their children would die. then, she deleted that tweet after a few reactions to her stupidity. This is all typical leftist rhetoric. However, one expects a little more from a Harvard professor.

Joyce E. Chaplin is known as a liberal Harvard professor. Yet, she is both the chair of American studies and a history professor at the Ivy League school. But, as William Buckley once said, “I’d rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.”

Obviously, nothing has changed since Buckley uttered his quip.

Note how Professor Chaplin believed the United States was started.

History is a bit faulty for the Harvard professor and chair of American studies.

You see, America was created when fed up citizens declared war against a tyrannical government. The citizens went on to fight that war.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted to the professor to remind her of the REAL history:

The Senator added:

This isn’t the first time Cruz has schooled leftists.

The Texas Senator is well known for putting Democrats in their place. Shortly after the election, we showcased many of Cruz’s showdowns. During the confirmation hearing of Jeff Sessions, Cruz obliterated Obama’s administration.

According to the US News, voters love Senator Cruz for many reasons. The first of which is his ability to stand up to Washington insiders.

“Cruz does what is in the best interests of the people regardless of the political consequences,” his campaign spokeswoman Catherine Frazier says. “While the media and Washington establishment want to focus on personality competitions and who is liked or disliked, Cruz is focused on following through on his promises – he answers to the people, not the Washington elites.” ​

Those traits make Cruz the perfect teammate for President Trump. Both men are willing to buck the system for the greater good. It might not win popularity contests, but it does win respect.

As Professor Chaplin just learned, Senator Cruz is an uncompromising force to reckon with.

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