Gangster President Trump: Why 5-0 Is So Important

Gangster President Trump: Why 5-0 Is So Important

While I was in NYC, I struck up a conversation with a Long Island leftist.

She stood next to three empty containers at a charging station. I asked if the empties were hers, and she said no. I took the cartons and threw them away. When I returned, the woman said, “Some people are pigs.”

I noted that she had done nothing to get rid of the trash, and made my mental note. I’m dealing with a leftist.

Certainly, I’m no Nostradamus. A Long Island Jewish lady in New York visiting the Midwest for the first time. Nevertheless, I had called it.

She informed me that our plane was delayed. I explained that I was trying to make it back to my son’s baseball practice and hoped the plane would arrive on time.

Apparently my fatherly concern made her comfortable enough to ask me what I did for a living. I responded that I’m a best-selling author and I work as a Fox News contributor.

She asked what type of books. “Political humor,” I said.

She told me she doesn’t watch Fox, mostly CNN. Then, she alluded to Fox being “on the other side of her politics.”

I explained that Fox has plenty of leftists, like Shepard Smith, Juan Williams, Abby Hoffman, and others. I could tell she wasn’t buying it.

I surprised her, when I told her I’m a conservative.

Stay with me, I’m getting to how Trump is crushing the Left.

She then went on to tell me that she watches only CNN, and particularly loves when they bash Trump. She added that she lives for the moment that Trump gets impeached.

I asked her why she didn’t like Trump. She seemed shocked. “After all he’s done…the Russia thing!”

I inquired for more on Russia, explaining his most rabid enemies admit there is nothing there, and she went silent. I offered that the Clintons have direct involvement with Russia, which she obviously didn’t know.

I then expounded on Trump’s job creation, foreign policy, and compared his presidency to Obama’s.

She excitedly replied, “I love the Obamas.” Then, she hurriedly grabbed her phone and left the charging station.

What I learned in that exchange is there exist leftists who really don’t want to learn. The only way they will get their news is when CNN or MSNBC is forced to discuss Trump positively.

This woman’s story is why Trump’s declaration of 5-0 becomes so powerful.

That “score” was covered by every major news network. The Left were forced to know that Trump is undefeated.

Remember when he “lost” on the travel order? Then he supposedly lost on healthcare? Well in the spirit of “Never say die,” we discuss those very issues today, in the wake of 5-0.

Trump’s defeat of leftism has a scorecard, and it won’t be addressed again until 2018. Thus, as Trump’s agenda creates success, he can constantly remind the Left that he’s the winner and they are the losers.

Leftist media has no choice but to cover it.

Note how quickly the “fake news” media pivoted back to Russia, after Ossoff got his ass handed to him. There was the initial shock; shock that could only come to a brain-dead leftist who thought Ossoff had a chance.

Next, came the excuses. Cuomo redefined “fail,” and other leftists touted the “closeness” of the races.

Then, the pivot. Back to the same old formerly tried and true drone on a singular subject…the Russians.

Leftist polling suggests that 70 percent of the people don’t care about the Russians. Yet, what does the Left discuss? Talk about having absolutely nothing. The Left shot all their bullets, and have resorted to spit balls.

Then there is Mueller.

The man just recently hired another Hillary Clinton campaign donor to help with the investigation into Russia. Trump says nothing.

That should tell you all you need to know.

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