TRUMP MANDATE: Democrats Get Their Butts Kicked in GA

TRUMP MANDATE: Democrats Get Their Butts Kicked in GA

All the media hype couldn’t change what was destined in the Georgia special election.

After $50 million was spent, mostly by Democrats, to take over a Republican-held Congressional seat, the outcome was as predicted.

At least I predicted it. The same way I predicted Trump would win: by mandate of the people.

As in Kansas, the Democrats wanted a “symbolic” win, even if they needed to buy it.

But America no longer buys nonsense. We believed we made this clear on Nov 8, 2016, but apparently the media missed the memo.

Donald Trump defeated Jon Ossoff. Oh, I know Karen Handel will hold the seat, however the Left claimed this race to be yet another moratorium on Donald Trump.

Leftist rag Salon needs some Obama Butt-Balm, as they reported the “bad news” for Republicans:

Republican Karen Handel pulled off a narrow victory Tuesday night in a special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District that had mesmerized the political world, defeating Democrat Jon Ossoff by 52 percent to 48 percent with all precincts reporting.

Woo, that was close! 52 to 48 percent.

Considering that Democrats poured over $31 million into the race, that wasn’t close at all.

The Democrats emptied their war chest in hopes of a symbolic win, then got their butts kicked again.

Salon continued,

The Georgia race was one that Democrats had hoped would flip their way as a sign of mounting resistance against President Donald Trump. But the dynamics of the 6th district were always stacked against them, despite the tens of millions of dollars in donations that flowed into Ossoff’s campaign.

No Democrat has held this seat in the northern Atlanta suburbs since 1979. In the last regular election in November 2016, Republican Tom Price, who is now the Secretary of Health and Human Services, was re-elected with 62 percent of the vote.

So where’s the mounting resistance?

Again, more “fake news” media hype.

The only resistance against President Trump are leftists who refuse to believe America has shifted back to sanity. They pushed conservatives too far.

Will we now get the ad nauseum post mortems on this race? Did the Russians hack it? Or perhaps Donald Trump obstructed it?

Like the presidential race, then Kansas, now Georgia and South Carolina, the American people have spoken. The country has tired of the path of growing government and the shrinking middle class. In short, people want results.

Thus, more bad news comes for the Democrats.

They will lose more seats in the House in 2018. But the worse news will come in the Senate, as Republicans will gain 5-6 seats.

This is because the public no longer trust leftists and their operatives.

People trust their realities. And President Trump’s policies give them more than hope; he gives them the realities of good-paying jobs, businesses, and so on. Democrats will find it difficult to deal with results.

Unemployment is at record lows, and the jobs the president creates are enviable. And, the debt is now shrinking.

The stock market achieves record levels almost weekly. America experiences a palpable renewal, as Trump implements policies that impact almost every citizen.

People will soon no longer see welfare as an option, as they prefer to earn their way.

The big picture.

The biggest problem for Democrats is that Trump has exposed them as frauds.

Their politicians seek fortune and fame, and have helped nobody, as WikiLeaks proved of progressive icon and crook Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama represented the best the Left has to offer, and Trump exposes the ineptitude of Obama daily, and he’s just getting started.

Perhaps the biggest fall from grace lies with the media. Donald Trump has almost single-handedly taken down the leftist media. They brag about their ratings, but these are the same people whose poll predicted a win for Hillary Clinton.

All the forces of leftism, ergo evil conspired to beat Karen Handel (and Trump) in Georgia. And they lost again.



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