Trump Supporters SURPRISE LEFTISTS at Mexican Border Protest [VIDEO]

Trump Supporters SURPRISE LEFTISTS at Mexican Border Protest [VIDEO]

Saturday a group of German leftists showed up on the Mexican side of the border between Mexico and America to advocate for “open borders.”

That’s right, Germans. Because they certainly have a dog in the fight.

While Germany deals routinely with terror attacks from people they gladly let in, they now lecture America on our stance on border security?

The good news is Americans showed up to counter the leftist PC nonsense. Trump supporters gathered on the good side of the border where people believe in law and order. And while the Germans who apparently declared themselves honorary Mexicans protested, Americans blasted patriotic music from the side of the border everybody wants to be on.

The concert was organized by Markus Rindt of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra.


Bullhorns: the sound of patriotism.

Initially, Rindt’s plan was to create a grande display. He wanted to arrange flash mobs to pop up and protest all along the 2,000-mile border.

Obviously, his plan fell flat, as the anemic crowd indicates.

Rindt also had plans to protest on the American side of the border. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to get the necessary permits.

It would seem that Americans don’t appreciate people protesting to allow MS-13 drug gang-bangers, sex traffickers, and other seedy characters into our country.

It would appear that even the Mexicans had better things to do.

As the San Diego Tribune reports:

President Donald Trump says he wants to fortify the U.S-Mexico border with a “big, beautiful wall” to deter illegal immigration and drug trafficking, along with other criminal activities. Trump’s plans are inspiring this latest effort, said Rindt, who grew up in communist East Germany and fled to the West through the German Embassy in Czechoslovakia when he was 20 years old.

“I remembered my own past,” Rindt said. “I thought, ‘It’s time for action again.’”

Mexican Border protest #KevinJacksonHe got action alright.

American patriots drowned him out. 

This group consisted of mostly retired Americans. They were willing to walk three miles round-trip just to reach the point of protest. Because flooding wiped out the main roads, they had to carry their signs and equipment on the long walk. However, Trump supporters were determined to be heard despite the obstacles.

Then things worsened for Rindt.

Rindt asked the group Chicago to perform their hit “One More Day” at the concert. However, the band answered back, “We don’t want to perform our song in this context.”

He also wanted the San Diego Children’s Chorus to sing. However, they too declined the invitation “due to the political aspect of the project.”

Rindt asked other artists to create their own performances up and down the border and share them with the hashtag #teardownthiswall. You know the results.

How desperate must Mexico be to import Germans to do their dirty work?

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