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On the heels of a Muslim terror attack in London, we get another terror attack in London.

The Manchester attack is barely in the rear-view mirror, and less than a week later London experiences more Muslim terror, this time on London bridges.

Eyewitnesses called the incident a “terrorist attack”.

Various others have reported seeing bodies at the scene and report a potential stabbing following a white van plowing into people along the side of the road.

A friend of mine described the situation as follows:

I’m in London, and was having a nice dinner in the Mayfair area with my girlfriend when the attack happened. We got the news about halfway through our meal, and the reports kept trickling in.

We left the restaurant and were going to walk around the corner to the nearby hotel for a taxi when a Muslim looking guy wearing headphones, carrying a bag, and singing something was coming down the sidewalk toward us and a few other bystanders. We ducked back into the restaurant doorway until he passed. The others stood there like sitting ducks. Disconcerting to say the least, considering what just happened.

We got a taxi and headed to our hotel, which is directly up from London Bridge by a couple miles. Revelers were trying to get home. We got snarled in traffic, emergency vehicles headed toward the river. The taxi driver said the road closures were causing the backups, that there would never be a traffic jam at midnight on a Saturday otherwise.

My girlfriend, who’s British, is shaken up.

She hadn’t been back to the UK in 2 1/2 years.

Friends of hers we’ve been out with all ask us if “America feels different” now that Trump is president. It’s maddening.

She wants me to tell you that her response will now be that no, America isn’t different, but the UK is different. It’s disturbing, and scary. She does not feel safe here. We’ve been in London and Paris, and neither feel safe compared to New York, or anywhere in the US.

We’ve been over those Thames River bridges in the last week, and each time I’ve told her my plan for escape should we find ourselves in the very kind of attack that happened tonight. ‘Go over the railing, there’s a ledge.’

Like the people I saw on the street tonight, the people here are like sitting ducks, brain-damaged by too many years of PC multiculturalist post-modern crap, and they’re not going to last much longer. I’ve seen things in some of the smaller towns that are disturbing, the things you read about. It’s true, if not worse.

There’s more I could say about all this, and will try to over the next few days. We fly back to NY on Monday, and can’t wait to get back to the good ol’ U-S-A.

When it comes to Muslim terror, things will only get worse and leftists know this.

Consider what we wrote recently of the escalation of Muslim attacks:

In the ’70s, the only terror attack took place in Saudi Arabia. In that attack The Grand Mosque was attacked. 240 people were killed and 180 wounded.

In the ’80s, 657 people were killed 303 wounded in less than a dozen attacks. The largest attack of this decade was at the Marine barracks in Beirut where 307 Marines were killed and 75 wounded. The countries of attack were the usual suspects. Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, and other Middle Eastern countries. Hardly a decade goes by without an attack on Israel.

Even European countries were not immune, as Denmark and Spain.

By the ’90s, Islamic attacks begin to escalate. There were almost 3 dozen attacks, and the total carnage for the decade came to 1,049 killed and 7,757 wounded. As you can see, things have begun to ratchet up quite a bit. The list of countries has grown significantly as well.

China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and many others have now joined the list of countries who’ve come under attack.

So let’s recap.

Decade  People Killed   People Wounded   # of Countries Attacked

’70s                       240                        180                                      1

’80s                        657                        303                                      9

’90s                     1,049                     7,757                                    19

These numbers are bad enough.

But when you get to the new millennium, things get far worse.

By the new millennium, they stopped measuring terror attacks by decade and began measuring by year.

In 2001 alone there were 4,687 deaths by Islamic terrorists and 13,500+ wounded. 

So in one year more people were killed and wounded by Islamic terrorists than in the modern era. The largest attack occurred in America, as the World Trade Center buildings were targeted. 2,996 people died, and over 6,000 were wounded.

In 2002, 821 people were killed, and 2,897+ were wounded.

In 2004, 1,066 people were killed, and 4,016 were wounded.

The list of countries grows and the number of attacks rises with deaths and wounded varying, but nevertheless numerous.

Only a fool would ignore what’s happening here.

Unfortunately, the world is fill with leftist, PC, multiculturalist fools.

Nevertheless, it’s only a matter of time before they too wake up to what’s happening.



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