NOT GOOD: Wasserman Schultz Says Jeh Johnson Lied to Congress [VIDEO]

NOT GOOD: Wasserman Schultz Says Jeh Johnson Lied to Congress [VIDEO]

Apparently, when it comes to the Russian hacking, Jeh Johnson has some explaining to do.

The former Homeland Security Secretary testified before Congress and left a wave of new questions.

Johnson did clear up one little matter.

“To my current knowledge, the Russian government did not through any cyber intrusion alter ballots, ballot counts or reporting of election results,” he said during his opening statement.

Unfortunately, that’s the only clarification we can take from Jeh Johnson’s testimony. His Obama-style statements created more unanswered questions.

However, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Johnson lied under oath during his testimony.

As Amber Athey writes:

Johnson said during testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday that the Democratic National Committee refused DHS help with Russian hacking and opted not to turn over their hacked servers.

However, in a Thursday interview on CNN, Wasserman Schultz accused him of being “misinformed,” and said the DNC was never even made aware that their network had been compromised.

“He’s wrong in every respect,” Wasserman Schultz said. “At no point during my tenure at the DNC was I contacted by the FBI, DHS, or any government agency or alerted or made aware that they believed that the Russians–an enemy state–was intruding on our network.”

Wasserman claims the Russian hacking story was only told to tech support.

“Secretary Johnson says the DNC rebuffed the help they offered,” CNN host Kate Bolduan pushed back. “You’re saying no one ever contacted you…”

“Respectfully, Secretary Johnson is utterly misinformed,” Wasserman Schultz shot back. “The FBI and other federal agencies did virtually nothing to make sure that when…there was concern that there was an intrusion on our network by the Russians, that they did virtually nothing to sound the alarm bells.”

Where’s the Truth?

For months this Russian hacking narrative has been the liberal go-to card. They use this goose chase in efforts to discredit the president. However, none of their conspiracy theories pan out. Still, we waste countless hours and dollars chasing down the truth of a matter where the truth is obvious. The Democrats have been caught in a web of their own deception.

Wasserman Schultz’s version of events conflicts with the story told by Donna Brazile. The former DNC Vice-Chairwoman said federal officials did contact her about hacking. 

“I talked to the general counsel of the DNC today and he assures me that every step along the way when we were notified of these issues that we changed systems, changed procedures,” Brazile told CNN last summer. “…at no time did we ignore the warning from the FBI or any other federal officials.”

Let’s see how Special Counsel Mueller handles these new revelations.

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