Watch Antifa Confront Black Man Who Decides He’d Had Enough [VIDEO]

Watch Antifa Confront Black Man Who Decides He’d Had Enough [VIDEO]

Check out this Antifa bad ass.

The group is in the middle of a protest, when they are joined by a black man.

I’m not sure if the man was alone. But, he certainly didn’t travel like MC Hammer.

One of the Antifa protesters gets in the black man’s face and begins yelling at him.

We don’t want anything to do with you, you’re f*ucking Fash!”

I’m not sure who the black man was, but he dares the Antifa guy to “Make me!”

Dude, I dare you to make me. I f*cking DARE you to make me.

The Antifa “man” then says,

“If that camera wasn’t there, I’d be knocking your ass the f*ck out!”

Comments like this generally mean that the person is a pansy. In the black dude’s comment, he already gave permission.

“I DARE you to make me” is all the permission needed.

The problem was in the commitment of the Antifa coward. He then restarts the conversation,

Get the f*ck away from our march! Shut the f*ck up!

We don’t want you here.

Eventually, the talk ends and the two have their sissy fight.

And though neither of these guys can fight, the guy talking most of the crap eventually ends up on the ground.

Luckily, he didn’t receive much damage.

What I think happened is BLM attempted to confront Antifa or join the march. The Antifa group didn’t like that their march of 10 was being co-opted by an additional two black guys.

Such is the dilemma of the Left.

From the top to the bottom, leftists really can’t stand each other. Black leftists hate all white, but “tolerate” those who are “down for the cause.” White leftists don’t have the guts to say how they feel about Black Lives Matter and most other useless black organizations.

Truth be told, they feel just as stifled around blacks as most conservative whites. The difference is white leftists don’t want to lose their “cred” card with blacks.

Things won’t get better for the Left.



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