WATCH: Guess Which Hollywood Snowflake Gets OWNED

WATCH: Guess Which Hollywood Snowflake Gets OWNED


Leftist punk, Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter last week to spew his hate of, what seems to be, logic. He is now pushing millions to pressure NBC executives to stop hiring “white conservative” talent. He equates hiring “white conservatives” with promoting right-wing “hate.” The social justice warrior’s tweet can be found below:

The tweet follows NBC and MSNBC’s recent additions of Nicolle Wallace, Hugh Hewitt, George Will, Megyn Kelly, and Greta Van Susteren as either contributors or full-time on-air personalities to their networks. In the eyes of true conservatives, these individuals are seen more as moderates than as true “right wingers” as Ruffalo refers to them. However, many of those out-of-touch celebrities aren’t used to having to listen to someone who isn’t politically left of Karl Marx. Therefore, joining the political climate of these leftist networks, in the eyes of liberal snowflakes like Ruffalo, these moderates automatically are promoters of “right-wing hate.”

Following Ruffalo’s tweet, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld dedicated a portion of The Five to fire back calling Ruffalo, “potato-faced” and “racist” and added, “How cowardly to cast divergent opinion as hateful. I guess they know their leftie dribble can’t compete so they smear other voices as evil to eliminate actual diversity of ideas.” Gutfeld finished the segment by insulting Ruffalo’s intelligence. “Look, Mark’s not that bright, so he masks his insecurities in social justice tantrums,” finished Gutfeld.

Watch the rant in its entirety here:

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