Trump Staffer BLASTS CNN Host Over Stupid Question [Video]

Trump Staffer BLASTS CNN Host Over Stupid Question [Video]

Why is Warren Buffet the Left’s poster child for almost everything?

One of the richest men in the world should not be mentioned with Obamacare.

Buffet can put a hospital in each of his homes, so I doubt he’s really concerned about the farce of Obamacare.

Nevertheless, CNN anchor Dana Bash used billionaire Warren Buffett as a pretext Sunday. Bash asked HHS Secretary Tom Price how much Buffet would save under the GOP health care bill?

Bash began the discussion with a question from Buffett in May. The question was related to the amount of money wealthy politicians would save with the removal of Obamacare.

“How much would you have saved under the bills that just passed?”

For Buffett to be so smart, what a stupid question.

The job of every working American is to SAVE money on taxes. It’s not like the Fed is spending the money so well for us?

I’d ask Buffett what he thinks of a $20 trillion debt, and how his company would function if it were run by the morons who got us to that number?

I would proudly say that I’m trying to save ALL Americans money. Buffet acts as if we can’t do both.

Nevertheless, Bash asked Price:

“So what’s your answer? How much would you save under the House and Senate bills?”

Price responded:

“Obamacare taxes were put in place to build a whole new government program, government-run health care. There’s 6.5 million Americans right now who are paying $3 billion in penalties in taxes for the purpose of not purchasing health care coverage. That system isn’t working for those 6.5 million. How about lowering the taxes for those 6.5 million?”

This was not a deflection, but a great answer.

Obamacare forced people off their insurances. The program raised rates, and removed choice from the equation.

Yet, Bash shot back:

“I understand that, but when it comes to the bill before the United States Senate, the fact of the matter is that people like you are going to get a tax cut.”

Bash quipped,

“I’m not sure Warren Buffett will be satisfied that he got an answer to his question, but I appreciate…”

Because pleasing Warren Buffett is what Americans want.

Regardless, Price fired back,

“I’m not sure that Warren Buffett is interested in insuring patients in those counties that won’t have insurance. We need to look at every single American citizen and every single individual across this land that they get the coverage they want for themselves and their family, not that the government forces them to buy.”

Warren Buffett might have a bit more credibility if he were to give away his fortune now.

The man is 86 years old. I’d say he’s enjoyed his billions long enough. Being generous Buffett has another 10 years. So keep $1 billion a year, and give the rest away now.

Despite knowing that his time is limited, Buffett wouldn’t dare give his money away.

If he’s so magnanimous, refund the government the money he claims he would get back under Trumpcare.

This is what all the people could do who claim Trumpcare will help them but hurt the poor. But you won’t see any of these sanctimonious liars on the Left do anything of the sort.


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