Wheel of Fortune in Trouble: See If You Can Spot Why [VIDEO]

Wheel of Fortune in Trouble: See If You Can Spot Why [VIDEO]

Leftists truly have nothing better to do with their miserable lives.

Apparently, leftists get enough free money to sit around and look for things to outrage them. Case in point, Wheel of Fortune.


According to KMOV:

For “Southern Charm Week,” Wheel of Fortune decided to air a photo of an old plantation home. Which of itself doesn’t sound so bad. Until the internet saw what looked like slaves in the photo as well.

And that’s definitely not good.

After the swift backlash, officials from the show said that they’ll correct the image and will not show it on re-runs of the episode.

“We regret the use of this background image, and we will be replacing it moving forward on any rebroadcast,” said Harry Friedman, the show’s executive producer, to the New York Daily News.

What I see is black people working.

The person who zoomed in on the video to express outrage is a white person. A leftist meddler.

He zooms in to show two black women working to showcase history. And you can bet this leftist will do all she can to shut down this plantation attraction, because it’s a reminder of America’s racist past.

So all the black people with jobs at this attraction will be out of work.

Job done, this leftist will “high-five” herself, and brag to her friend about how she brought justice back to black people.

Her friends will get together to give her some nonsense civic award for activism, and black politicians will hail her as a hero. The blacks will hit up all her friends for donations to their campaigns, and all will be good in that city, and of course, the world.

All of this will happen because Wheel of Fortune aired Southern Charm Week in March. And because one observant leftist caught the photo in a video.

By the way, the photo was taken in 2005 while the TV show was on location at Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. And the representatives of Oak Alley assured Wheel of Fortune that slavery is not practiced at the plantation any longer. In fact, the women in the video weren’t even playing slaves, but instead wore “period clothing” for more authenticity.

Democrats hate their past. Moreover, they will do anything to destroy it, or transfer their past to some nearby Republican.

All I can say to Wheel of Fortune is thank God they didn’t shoot a scene with a Confederate monument. Who knows the explosion that would have created with leftists in America.

At least for now, black people are safe who may watch this episode of Wheel of Fortune in the future. They won’t see the horrors of two black women working at an area attraction in Louisiana.




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