White Billionaire Businessman BESTS Black Mogul Wannabe

White Billionaire Businessman BESTS Black Mogul Wannabe

Yet again, leftists have something to be embarrassed about.

How many times is Donald Trump going to have to clean up the mess Obama left behind?

billionaire businessman bests black mogulPresident Trump excels at problem-solving. His creativity drives him and is the major reason he is a billionaire. Ideas resonate in his brain like a heartbeat, and are the secret to his thriving businesses.

For the next four years at least, Donald Trump will concentrate on the business of America. And just in the nick of time.

Over the past several decades, the U.S. has lost millions of high paying manufacturing jobs. Figures are that we lost over 5 million jobs, since 2000 alone. Obama blew the chance to become the man that helped bring American jobs. He could have rewarded capitalists, which would have sparked an even more vibrant American economy. Instead, we continued in our recession, as the Obama White House used fake statistics and quantitative easing to prop up a flailing economy.

Donald Trump does in his sleep what Obama couldn’t achieve in 8 very long years.

Bringing jobs back to America was a cornerstone of President Trump’s election campaign.

This approach so far has netted the American people hundreds of thousands of new high-profile jobs. And President Trump hasn’t even finished his warm-up.

Along with Carrier, U.S. Steel, and other early adopters of President Trump’s economic reforms, America gets good news from Bayer.

The giant pharmaceutical company announced it “will direct half of a planned $16 billion in agricultural research spending over the next six years to high-paying jobs” in the U.S.

Next, although Jeff Bezos appears to hate the president, his company flourishes under new management.

“Amazon says its hiring spree will add 100,000 full-time U.S. jobs [to the economy], with full benefits. Positions will range from entry-level jobs at Amazon’s fulfillment centers to engineers and software developers, and they will be located all across the country.”

The Fix is In.

The economic fix, that is.

The disaster called Obamacare forced companies to lay off employees. Companies were forced to make a choice between solvency or complying with the onerous provisions of a legislative boat anchor. Put another way, many companies couldn’t afford the Affordable Care Act. And neither could many Americans.

As a result, many Americans worked multiple part-time, low-paying jobs just to makes ends meet.

Under President Trump however, companies are investing in employees. Unemployment fell to 4.4 percent and it will go lower.

Moreover, wages will rise as companies like Ford, IBM, Sprint, Hyundai, GM, and Carrier bring back good paying jobs. Jobs drive the economy. Thus, according to a recent report by Peoples Pundit Daily:

“Consumer spending, which accounts for 70% of economic activity, grew at the slowest pace in seven years [under Obama] in the first quarter (1Q), weighing down gross domestic product (GDP).”

Obama inspired people to clench their money and hide it away for the coming economic apocalypse.

Now that Trump is in office, Americans are willing to spend again.

“The Commerce Department said Tuesday that consumer spending in April grew at the fastest pace in four months, fueled by a solid gain in personal income. In April Consumer spending rose by $53.2 billion alone.”

As Trump performs, Americans (and others) learn just how dumb Obama really was.

Perhaps Obama’s surveillance of Trump was to learn his secrets to being a good president?

Trump accomplished more in a month than Obama did in eight years. And he’s only getting started.

Soon the naysayers will skulk off with their tails between their legs. The president will continue to dazzle, and leftism will die a slow, painful, ugly death.


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