Trump Response: 3 Green Berets Gunned down by Jordan Terrorist

Trump Response: 3 Green Berets Gunned down by Jordan Terrorist

There is a very good reason American troops need to be deployed carefully.

And when they are deployed, they should report only to Americans.

Three of America’s finest fighting men and members of the Green Berets are dead because we erroneously believe the Muslims want our help.

As Military Times reported,

Jordan’s military released the security camera footage of the Nov. 4 shooting that killed three U.S. Army service members outside the al-Jafr base in southern Jordan.

The Jordanian soldier involved in the shooting, 1st Sgt. Marik al-Tuwayha, was sentenced to life in prison, according to a report by AP.

The soldier said he opened fire because he thought the base was under attack, but the courts ruled he violated military orders. Jordan initially stated that Americans did not follow proper protocol when entering the base, which led to the shooting, but that claim was withdrawn.


There is no doubt this was a targeted attack against Americans. And the reason this asshole Muslim committed this atrocity is Obama made it clear that America will do nothing to protect American troops.

What’s truly sad is these green berets weren’t killed protecting innocents, while in the heat of battle. Instead they were gunned down by people they have been told have their backs.

From the video, you can see how shocked they are to be taking fire at a checkpoint.

Though the Jordanian king put the man away for life, I expect more.

No country should feel at ease when an American is killed. And that goes double for our military men and women.

From the start, the relatives of the men knew the Jordanian accounts of the incident were false:

The fathers of three Green Berets killed in Jordan in November declared Tuesday that, in the wake of Army and FBI investigations, they believe their sons were murdered by a Jordanian soldier standing guard outside the air base where they were staying during their deployment.

Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Lewellen, who was posthumously promoted, and Staff Sgts. James F. Moriarty and Kevin McEnroe, were killed Nov. 4 as their vehicles entered the King Faisal Air Force Base in al-Jafr, Jordan.

Their fathers, Charles Lewellen, James R. Moriarty and Brian McEnroe, said a video of the incident and forensics investigations by the FBI and the Army show their sons had followed procedure and the guard shot at them without warning.

The fathers called on Jordan to be held accountable for the slayings, saying the Army investigation exonerated their sons of any wrongdoing and made clear that accounts carried in the Jordanian news reports and by Jordanian officials were false.

“Over four months have passed since our boys were murdered,” Brian McEnroe said. “None of our families has heard any apology, condolences or explanation from the Jordanians other than these false narratives – insulting false narratives. And in my mind, Jordan is, at the very least, guilty of complicity in the murder of these three American brave servicemen.”

It took months for Jordan to admit the excuses they gave for the death of these warriors were bullsh*t.

Let’s hope President Trump sends a message to Jordan. Despite our friendly arrangements, the United States won’t tolerate our military being targeted and killed without repercussion.

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