I Agree with Russia: Obama Acted like a Child

I Agree with Russia: Obama Acted like a Child

Remember when Obama accused Russia of hacking the DNC?

In response, Obama seized two Russian buildings. This has now become a bit of a hot potato.

As the BBC reports:

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said he was “considering specific measures” in response, but did not elaborate.

Earlier, unnamed Russian officials said Moscow was ready to expel about 30 US diplomats and seize US state property.

In December the Obama administration expelled 35 Russian diplomats and shut down two intelligence compounds.

Ex-President Barack Obama acted against Russia after US intelligence sources had accused Russian state agents of hacking into Democratic Party computers to undermine Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Mr Lavrov told Russian media it was “simply shameful for such a great country as the United States, a champion of international law, to leave the situation in such a state of suspended animation”.

“Justice and international law must be restored,” he said, accusing the US Congress of being “charged up with Russophobia”.

Obama indeed over-reacted.

In fact, he should have not reacted at all. That moron knows the Russians hacked nobody. There were plenty of DNC insiders who had tired of the Clintons, as well as the Democratic Party in general. The hack was an inside job.

Ironically, had the Russians (or anybody else) hacked the RNC, Obama would have had a beer and a good laugh.

Nonetheless, Obama’s actions have a ripple effect. And Russia is right to seek some remedy. Obama’s cover-up now forces President Trump to make some interesting choices.

At a time when America should be normalizing relations with Russia, Trump now must decide how he will handle a situation where America is wrong. And given the president’s stance on Russia, it will be difficult for him not to allow the Russians to have their buildings back.

He would be right to do this. But there is little doubt; the optics of this won’t look good. Thankfully, Trump is less concerned about optics than doing the right thing.

Yet again, Obama’s petulance made America look petty. And he was able to kick the can down the road.


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