Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo about to Declare Bankruptcy

Anti-Trump Hollyweirdo about to Declare Bankruptcy

Alyssa Milano could learn a lot from billionaire-turned-president Donald Trump.

According to Page Six, Milano is broke!

Alyssa Milano has filed a $10 million lawsuit accusing her former business manager of severe misconduct that caused her to spiral into a financial disaster.

The suit accuses accountant Kenneth Hellie and his firm, Hellie, Hoffer & Co., of forging her signature on checks, failing to pay overdue bills and taxes, and inducing her to make bad investments in businesses in which he was also an investor, without disclosing the conflict.

Hellie’s actions, according to the suit, left Milano and her husband, talent agent David Bugliari, “with millions of dollars in debt and their credit in ruins.”

What a shame that instead of working, Milano spent her time hating on then-candidate Trump.

Usually people who are broke find better things to do with their time than hate. Unless there’s money in the hate? But hate Milano did.

After Trump’s victory over Clinton, Milano was devastated. It’s like she had invested in the Clinton Foundation.

Alyssa Milano: “Devastated”

Milano, a Clinton supporter, tweeted: “I’m devastated. Bigly,” referencing a word people thought Trump was saying when he said “big league.”

“If anyone in Los Angeles is organizing a march/protest please let me know,” Milano later tweeted.

It’s rumored she asked Trump to release his tax returns. I didn’t verify that, but wouldn’t be surprised.

She did urge women to stand up and” fight against Trump.” She has trolled Trump pre- and post-election.

Then, in March of this year Milano wrote an impassioned op-ed in Marie Claire magazine urging her fans to impeach Trump. She labeled him an “egomaniac” with “questionable business ethics.”

Milano only recently divulged her millions of dollars of debt. Worse, not only did Milano not pay her taxes, she stiffed her employees.

The article explains,

Milano alleges that her business manager also failed to pay her federal income taxes in 2013 and 2014, instead funneling money into the remodeling project, incurring penalties and interest. Milano says her employees also complained of late payments, and that Hellie failed to pay her employees’ taxes.

Wait. Isn’t that what the Left accused Donald Trump of doing?

Is there a Republican in the house? Too bad for this card-carrying leftist Mitt Romney can’t take the fall for her.

The article continues,

Milano alleges that her financial woes began with a “home improvement debacle.” Milano says that Hellie’s poor oversight of the remodeling job caused costs to spiral. She ended up spending $5 million, though the home is worth no more than $3 million. She also says her accountants failed to notify her of Ventura County building code violations, which lingered for more than five years, resulting in a lien and $376,950 in fines.

Her manager’s poor oversight?

That’s like blaming the nanny because your kid grows up and ends up in prison.

Where the heck were the Milanos when this $5 million remodel occurred? In jail?!

You don’t do a remodel of that size in absentia. Moreover, wouldn’t the Milanos have to sign off on all the changes? Of course they would.

Milano is doing what all leftists do. Blame others for her mistakes.



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