Antifa Threatens Desecration at Gettysburg and Other Historical Sites on July 4th

Antifa Threatens Desecration at Gettysburg and Other Historical Sites on July 4th

What Do ISIS and Antifa Have In Common?

Both are radical and absolutist. Both adhere to an ‘our way or the highway’ mentality.  Further, both have embraced violence to achieve their objectives.

In recent weeks, Antifa showed its willingness to kill to achieve its objectives.

Just as Al Qaeda/ISIS continually destroys irreplaceable art and sites of cultural, historic, and religious significance; America’s domestic hate groups have matched radical Islam ante.

In a sacrilege of American legacy, the Antifa has been on their own jihad for the last several months as they target memorials, tombs, and statues from America’s past. Their current objective is to desecrate the memorials to the Confederacy during the Civil War era.

In cities and towns across the Southeastern ‘red-states’ of the Bible-belt:  St. Louis, Orlando, New Orleans, Columbus GA, Memphis TN, Charlottesville VA, the former Confederate capitol Richmond, and as far west as Arizonacenturies old monuments of the Civil War are falling.

Antifa leftists accomplish what Islamic jihadists accomplish across the Middle East.

ISIS is erasing 7,000 years of history across the Levant. Like ISIS, The Antifa is threatening to commit acts of vandalism, desecration, and destruction to the statues, monuments, and gravesites at the Gettysburg Battlefield and Cemetery.

The terror group openly admits the side of memorials and/or graves is dedicated to, Union-North or the Confederate-South, will not matter.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported:

Officials in Gettysburg are bracing for protests this weekend coinciding with the 154th anniversary of the Civil War battle. The anniversary of the battle, which raged from July 1 to July 3, 1863, comes at a time when there is a growing movement to remove Confederate symbols from public spaces.

“We make accommodations for people who want to exercise their First Amendment rights,” said Katie Lawhon, a spokeswoman for Gettysburg National Military Park.

Officials also are aware of plans for other rallies that have been announced on social media but have not obtained permits, and there are unconfirmed reports that anarchists plan to burn Confederate flags during the anniversary of the battle.

Besides the two permitted protests, Civil War reenactors from the Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans also received a permit for a “site specific” march starting at 10 a.m. from the North Carolina Memorial to the Veterans Memorial, where they will hold a ceremony, Lawhon said. Another popular private reenactment festival is also scheduled about two miles from the park, she said.

Reports that the anti-fascist group Antifa plans to burn Confederate flags and desecrate graves have prompted calls on social media for other groups to gather in Gettysburg to counter those protesters.

Antifa had a Facebook page called to desecrate Confederate Gettysburg graves, and burn Confederate flags.

A blog reportedly linked to Antifa groups had posted an event on a local website called “Burn the Confederate Flag to Trigger Trump Fans.  Both the Facebook page and the Event post have been scrubbed.

The York(PA) Daily Record discovered that this threat has rallied re-enactors, conservatives, and history buffs to take a stand for our history:

The park expects 250 to 500 participants with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and 500 to 1,500 participants with Real 3% Risen, a Facebook group dedicated to protecting American freedoms.

Ski Bischof, of Allentown, helped organize the events with a Facebook event called “Support America and Her History.” Together, they are joining up with the other groups to form a united front against a group that might be there to protest against President Trump and/or the Confederate flag, according to the Facebook event page.

A third group, Maryland Sons of Confederate Veterans, consisting of about 20 people, is planning to march in formation from the North Carolina Memorial to the Virginia Memorial, with small ceremonies along the way, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Don’t Mess With Texas

This isn’t the first time the Antifa took their radical nonsense a step too far.

Believing they could bully local governments into capitulation, the leftists took on Texas hero Sam Houston, demanding that his likeness be removed.

“Texans agree the disgusting idols of America’s dark days of slavery must be removed to bring internal peace to our country.”

As word spread, hundreds of individuals, with some arriving armed gathered at City of Houston’s Hermann Park to protest.

In this case the snowflakes should have stayed in class.  KPRC-TV provided a little ‘education’:

Even though Sam Houston owned 12 slaves, he wasn’t a “hardcore advocate” for slavery.

When Sam Houston was a senator in the 1800s, he repeatedly voted against the spread of slavery to new territories of the United States. He was also ousted as governor of Texas for refusing to align himself with the Confederacy.

“It might alleviate some, some anger but it’ll also create some anger on the opposite side that you’re taking down a statue of a man who helped create the state and what it is today,” Paul Stykitus, resident of Houston, said.

Texas Antifa told KPRC 2 it wouldn’t speak about the statue until the rally here on June 10 and said, “We don’t speak with the fascist media.”

Oops! It’s About ‘Heritage’ Not Racism.

Actor, Former Congressman, Ben Jones (aka ‘Cooter’ from Dukes of Hazzard), enlightens New York Times readers with an op-ed about how the battle-flag is a symbol of pride, and not meant to be a source of racism:

It is obvious that some racists have appropriated and desecrated the Confederate battle flag for their pathetic causes, but those hateful folks also commonly display the Christian cross and the American flag. Do those symbols also inspire racism?

Perceptions of the flag depend upon context.

To those 70 million of us whose ancestors fought for the South, it is a symbol of family members who fought for what they thought was right in their time, and whose valor became legendary in military history. This is not nostalgia. It is our legacy.

To bring it back around to the beginning, this is why the teaching of history is important for the establishment of a common national heritage.  We can laugh at millennials when they stutter and incorrectly answer the ‘on the street’ questions from Jay Leno or Mark Dice.  It’s not that they don’t care…we’re not teaching it!

As Josh Gerlernter wrote in National Review:

But that’s not their fault — they’re young and innocent. They know nothing. You can’t blame an undergraduate for panicking about cultural appropriation any more than you can blame a puppy for chewing up your baseball mitt. That’s why these kids are in school — to learn things.

So Turn The TV Off…Put The iPhone Down…Take The Earbuds Off…Explore, and Learn Your American Family’s Historical Birthright.

Before Something Truly Is Destroyed.


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