Bernie Sanders’ Opponent Calls out ‘Robin Hood Schtick’ as FRAUD

Bernie Sanders’ Opponent Calls out ‘Robin Hood Schtick’ as FRAUD

Bernie Sanders has made millions off of pretending to be for the little guy.

That’s the game he and other socialists like to play. But we know the truth.

A while back we chronicled Sanders’ newfound riches:

Remember when Sanders said:

“A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much, while so many have so little.”

I must’ve missed the memo where a million dollars became the average annual income. Let’s look at Sanders “progress” to wealth.

In 2014, progressive Sanders’ estimated net worth was around $400,000. Then the election came around, and Sanders enriched his entire family.

Today, Sanders attacks the  one percent while driving in his $80,000 Audi to one of his three houses. Apparently, being a loser in politics can make one a financial winner.

No wonder Sanders was all too happy to capitulate to Hillary Clinton, since he hit the DC Lotto.

At least that’s what his U.S. Senate financial disclosure confirms.

After a 20-day extension, Bernie finally penned his royalties. We learned that Sanders received an advance of $795,000 for his book, Our Revolution. Additionally, he took in $63,750 for his soon-to-be-released Bernie Sanders’ Guide to Political Revolution, a book aimed at poisoning the mind of young readers.

Finally, somebody from Sanders own party calls him out.

As FOX News reported,

Bernie Sanders’ enduring popularity across Vermont for decades has scared off political challengers, but the Independent senator is facing competition in his 2018 re-election bid from a Democrat who thinks his “Robin Hood shtick” must end.

“It’s shamefully arrogant when you’re more interested in being a celebrity than honoring your progressive agenda,” challenger Jon Svitavsky told Fox News. “This wonderful, political ‘I am Robin Hood shtick’ can only last for so long.”

What’s Bernie Sanders to do except cry “poverty,” and promise to help the little guy.

What has Sanders actually accomplished? Enriching himself. And this is because in the past he has been described by friends as messy, irresponsible, bouncing around from job to job. Back then, Sanders drove a rusted Bondo-covered VW bug with no windshield wipers.

Back then, Sanders was the prototypical lazy young leftist going nowhere. He spent his life complaining about the fortunes other people worked hard to get. When you have no prospects, and Sanders had none, he naturally gravitated towards socialism. The socialist ideology exists to engulf the lazy and talentless.

Sanders had one option, politics. And he took it.

Svitavsky nails Sanders, describing perfectly how Sanders profiteers on lazy youth.

Robin Hood schtick.

Note that Sanders has a paltry following of adults, as most adults see through his nonsense. Adults work for a living, slaving away in jobs most have hated for years. As the saying goes, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” But they do so as a sacrifice to their families and the nation.

Also, most adults have raised children. Adults know that money is earned and doesn’t grow on trees. Nor can you go to the bathroom and crap the rent out.

America is not a country built on socialism. In fact, the country was built on capitalism. America was built by people like Trump. Further, this country wouldn’t exist if the Founding Fathers thought like Sanders and his ilk.

Now, Sanders has successfully taken the Robin Hood schtick to mind-blowing heights.

He is now a millionaire, one of the very people he claims to abhor. Oh wait, it’s not the millionaires he hates, but the billionaires.

Sanders tweeted not long ago:

“A great nation isn’t judged by how many billionaires it has, but by how we treat the most vulnerable among us.”

He’s tweeted out many like this before:

“How many yachts do billionaires need? How many cars do they need? Give us a break. You can’t have it all!”

Interestingly, when Bernie Sanders was poor he attacked millionaires. However, now that Sanders is a millionaire, he’s set his sights on the BILLIONAIRES.

As the poor get poorer, people like Bernie continue to get richer and richer. But whatever Sanders’ financial strata, you know he will always have somebody to hate. But he will never hate himself, even when he doesn’t pay his fair share.

Sanders only paid a tax rate of 13.5 percent in 2014. What’s that about the wealthy needing to help the poor? That’s right, Sanders only meant this for others.

Americans witnessed socialist policies for 8 years under Obama. Highest unemployment in decades, lowest ownership rates, more people on welfare than during The Great Depression. And on top of that, how about that mandatory health insurance?

Like Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders is a fraud. Lucky for America, we won’t have to worry about Sanders ever being president. Though I’m not rooting for Bernie’s opponent, per se, I’d like to see this old socialist get retired.



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