I know the Trump body-slamming of CNN has become a bit stale to some.

However, this is undoubtedly the best I’ve seen.

As I predicted, there are now thousands of these memes of Trump smashing CNN. But he’s crushing ALL the media.

If the media isn’t talking about Trump in the first bloc or on the first page above the fold, they aren’t getting views, selling papers, or getting clicks.

Trump is a media juggernaut. Van Jones predicted this a while back, as he warned Democrats.

Van Jones may do more to break through to Leftists than all the Democrat politicos.

Recall when Jones rightfully predicted that the Clinton days are over?

Next, he lamented Donald Trump’s victory months in advance. Jones explained in this video the “cult of personality” that defines now President Trump.

Is Jones beginning to “get it?”

Just as Jones recognized Donald Trump’s ability to adapt to the changing dynamics in politics, it appears Jones has witnessed another quality in now President Trump.

Has President Trump’s defeat of the media become commonplace?

The term “fake news” has become synonymous with the media, particularly CNN. Even Trump staffers continually ridicule CNN while on CNN. Moreover, the ridicule has spread internationally.

The Independent UK reported on the latest ridicule of CNN in their report of terror in Kenya.

An American news network’s report labelling Kenya a “hotbed of terror” ahead of the US President’s visit has sparked ridicule on Twitter.

“President Barack Obama is not just heading to his father’s homeland, but to a hotbed of terror,” the CNN report read, raising concerns about al-Qaeda affiliated terror group al-Shabaab.

Certainly Kenya has felt the pain of Islamic terror, but to call the country a “hotbed of terror” is a bit exaggerated, to say the least.



Don’t think CNN’s international ridicule is an accident.

In President Trump’s recent visit overseas, he called out the media, specifically CNN and NBC.

 President Trump used his first-ever press conference on foreign soil to play up a connection with his Polish counterpart: Their shared misery over reporters in their respective countries.

Trump on Wednesday blasted television networks that he says have treated him unfairly — and suggested he has that in common with Poland’s Andrzej Duda, who has been accused of restricting press freedoms.

“They have been fake news for a long time. They’ve been covering me in a very, very dishonest way. Do you have that also, by the way, Mr. President?” he said at a press conference with Duda.

Trump created his own universe where the media is little more than a dying sun.

Congratulations to America for soon getting truth back in the media.

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